This is some of my TOY history. My Grandfather always said they got one amazing main present on Christmas & Birthdays when they lived in the Palace in London. Old fashioned times. (Like an authentic train set) My Celebrations were magical, I'll tell you all about them. Far ago, A long time to remember... One of my earliest Christmases was spent in Great Whitley at my Grandads & Grannies bungalow with family, as per usual. I remember getting a Black Action Man made of rubber with an electronic machine gun. He had a willy's JEEP which fired missiles out the back. Really exciting! I remember playing with the latest most COOLEST BATMAN figures, they were just insane. My cousins all got really cool presents as well. Family all bought presents for each other & their young ones. Christmas dinner was the best social event, especially for food. Always crackers.

For birthdays young, I fondly remember getting an Action Man Super-Car, red like a Ferrari. Had rockets shoot from the boot. Another I got Action Man motorbike. I always got chocolate lol! Action Man everything! All the coolest / latest Toy figures, like HE-MAN & bebop & Rocksteady! & amazing battle TANKS That were real FUN! Lots of miniature cars to play with. Like transformers. I loved the police ones. Ireland once we were bought a driving simulator each (Like Maggie at the start of The Simpsons) We always had SPECIAL Halloween & Birthday parties at perdiswell leisure club. Bouncy castle, MUSIC, Horror tunnels... & of course a very tasty colourful cake! Everybody brought presents. Scale-electric was brilliant. My millionaire friend gave me his whole collection after he moved too New Zealand. We had the best power ranger TOY collection between us. We used to share and borrow from friends. Only ones we trusted. Biker Mice from Mars was always popular, I liked TMNT. A Very young Christmas in Ireland with family, I remember we got all the best Slovenian family. A Canal boat & restaurant! Father Christmas was out in the snow on his sleigh with all the reindeer one time. It was magical. Slimer toys & stocking fillers. We were spoiled. Lots of & yummy food. The best of everything. LEGO was incredible, my collection was bigger than anyone. I did appreciate it. I always took care of my TOYS! My Father made me a REAL PETROL JEEP out of a lawn mower. It was so cool I drove it everywhere when I could. Faye always hit the kill switch because She was scared of my driving. Go-Karts & Tractors.

Action Man stealth bomber was a big present one Christmas. I remember getting all the Toy Soldiers (From the movie) Archer & Chip Top Quality. I was naughty, I loved trying to look at my presents before I was aloud to open them, It was just to fucking exciting. My favourite presents were consoles. Like the SEGA-MEGA Drive & the first playstation. Proper exciting. My parents always treated us. Not just on holidays. They always came back to the house with something. I could ask for what I wanted or get a surprise, bit of both usually. Christmas at the top of my Mansion with my Dad one time, I received a cowboy an Indian train set, it was INCREDIBLE! I loved that. Another I got the white ranger sabre sword. I remember picking it from the catalogue. PERFECT! My favourite stocking filler was a ambulance helicopter that flashed & went Wuu Wuu! It was FANTASTIC! Very SPECIAL limited Edition White Tiger Ranger FIGURE! That was just plain awesome.

My birthday, Once A family friend gave me his really expensive bass guitar amp & case. I couldn't believe it. I was only like 5 years old! I always couldn't wait to play with my toys after school. I'd rather stay at home & have fun. I enjoyed all my playstation games. The entertainment. Videos long ago, DVDs & now Blue-Ray. I always got really nice clothes. One time I when I was young I bought a whole wardrobe & regretted it. My Granny in Ireland took us shopping, & there was never a limit. I could buy anything! Mid childhood, I got a remote control buggy, it was sick!!! I absolutely loved BB guns. Many toy machine guns when I was a child. My other Nan bought me a GOLD revolver once from on holiday. My Dad bought me a UZI-MAC MACHINE GUN when I was a child, the police ended up having it. I loved playing soldier in the garden. I was always kitted out. Bicycles were a big thing! Especially toy action figures, me & my cousin in Ireland were unbeatable. BRATS. My Gran always took me too the toy shop & bought me anything. 'Toys R Us' was HEAVAN! My first motorbike for one of my Birthdays was exciting. I always had the latest phone. Ghetto blasters, CDs! Famous toys that everybody wanted. We got them!!! I remember Princess Faye getting a TALKBOY!

We had more Video-Games than anyone. We completed pretty much all of them. As I got older I had my own money. I could buy a new motocross kit every week if I wanted. I could really treat my family back. I love spending money on my close relatives. After all giving is better than receiving.I bought all my bike parts. Cars were a big thing. Big MONEY! Brand NEW apple computers. The money we received was incredible, I remember having the latest XBOX WII & Playstation all at the same time. I can't thank my family enough. To be honest I always treat myself on my birthday nowadays! BIG TIME. Everyday's Christmas for Elliot Holland-Hanbury HA! The amount of Parcels that arrive at my homes. I remember there was like 50 in one week one time, all my goodies!!!! LOL. That's normal in my household. There's so much money. Ebay & AMAZON lol. I can buy everything & anything I want all the time. I'm a big kid really, I'm still fascinated by the toys of today. I am a very lucky King. We kept most of the best toys in our lifetime. They're all hidden away. I still buy the greatest toys today for my kids. Expensive Expensive Expensive!!! I've had more fun than ANYONE!

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