I remember coming up to the Millennium thinking I'm starting the Kings School Worcester. I was very excited & my Mom & I agreed it seemed fantastic, looking around. They put me in A form with A kid I knew from A long long time ago. Richard READ. He was excluded early from my primary school. He has A.D.H.D Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The Headmasters Son Bill Keys was also in my class. His DAD Mr Tim Keys seemed alright / OK. They also had one of the most smartest & beautiful girls in ALL School. Elizabeth Owen. CAMBRIDGE!

My first year in after 5 minutes of being sensible, Richard READ TOTALLY lost it. Pulling girls hair spitting on people, distracting the class. Loud noisy. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Disruptive & I was stuck in his class for two straight years. This had an affect on me. Join in, laugh at that. Totally ruined School for me & others. He kicked a locker on my arm for NO reason one day. nearly broke it. The headmasters Son Bill smoked more weed than I did. Which was very little. I remember Him making me A pipe to smoke marijuana, when I didn't even smoke cigarettes. I'd say GRAMMA was a better School, but I didn't want to be surrounded by only boys.

I was quite funny and very popular. But Richards influence being stuck in my class was no good.

I remember I fell out with A boy named DANIEL LEACH. I kind of humiliated Him A bit. He brought A gun into school like Colombine the next day, to KILL EVERYONE! I had the feeling he might, so I asked my Mom if i could stay home that day. No doubt it saved us ALL. Because He whispered to me two days later that he did. Somehow with all this going on the education was really quite remarkable. & the facilities were incredible. big money. A lot to learn. I always did my homework. & I was very happy there, but it wasn't perfect. I didn't play up in English History or ART! E.T.C

In music we learnt some really helpful things. We even won A singing & Dance competition & I really enjoyed acting on the OFFICIAL STAGE! The Music teacher hated me beyond reason. He'd say i was messing around in a keyboard room when I definitely wasn't My King Grandad was GRADE 8. He loved giving me & Richard red slips, this did not help .Now I have 20+ Number 1 CHART HITS. No thanks to him. But by far the worst man was Mr Longley. The head of year two. He was a Geography teacher. & i doubt he had a wife. Also a son called Tom who was No One at all, not very popular. He absolutely HATED ME TO HELL. I told him it was my birthday one year & he said we were going on one of the longest runs we do 7 miles sprint. When we were planned to do something else. So unfair. He wouldn't let me play cricket when I had been to all the clubs and tutoring courses & had all the gear to share. I lived with A professional cricketer who taught me & I was learning cricket properly with world class cricketers in early school. He picked the KIDS on steroids. "What A TWAT" Sophie Le Marchand worked in the office. You could tell she did steroids that male testosterone face. Her daughter SOPHIE played for England cricket team!? DRUGS! Mr Longley wouldn't let me take a 2 mile shortcut back to my house after practice. Not very nice. He even set me & A group of boys in A room for detention & secretly recorded everything we said on tape. Totally Illegally. My maths teacher was ok in the end. I settled down in most classes. Richard always wanted to sit next to me. The maths was EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEASY. Probably for paying attention & some of the teachers were great. My second year form tutor was really nice, but in the end I think it was because she knew I was leaving. I had no WARNING whatsoever. I hated my second year latin teacher. He made me sit at the front and I answered all the questions correctly. He was really mean, which is a shame really because I ruled Italy in all that History. My Palace flowers. The colosseum. I was A royal King at that School. More of A somebody than ANYONE! My EX Friend Richard Lea had the cheapest Brand New Aston Martin hired. swimming pool sauna stream room & a big house MORTAGE. Most of the people had great things going on. I fell in love with A girl called Emily HOWARD, She had blonde hair & was from A very posh family. We got on really well. She ended up drugging Elliot at A party & raping him like HARDCORE child porn.

There was some naughty and weird kids. Also poor ones who got in from scholarship. I never said anything about my Royal family I kept it All to myself. PRIVATE but people were really really really JEALOUS. I fell out with Richard Lee at the very end of my time there about a girl who loved me not Him. He went behind my back with all the children and started lying and turning them all against me. they all became my friends again but didn't help me at school particular. One of the other popular kids name was Jack. My Princess sister went to their house party and it was definitely nothing to write home about. So I got two outer Five years from that School which was something. I had a letter towards the end of the second years saying they didn't want me come back. Mr Longley wiped his poo all over a restroom door. saying / Spelling SHIT! & blamed it on me. What A fucking TWAT! My Princess Sister decided to leave with me & they STOLE £3000 of a term she didn't commit to. Not A very good School really. I love it that my Grandad went to MARLBOROUGH. ALL my cousins Aunts & Uncles HAD PRIVATE EDUCATION & have like two degrees each & Finishing schools. Now I hear the new head teachers son is GAY. My other friend ripped the piss on the phone to JOEY being GAY. All Night. He got A Saturday detention. I didn't even have 1. It just wasn't for me. I had no choice but to start A NEW (Super Successful) School. I really did pull up my trousers and change for the best. Dyson Perrins in Malvern. Where I ended up A World Class SuperStar. Richard wouldn't help me with a posh car for Prom so I got my own BRAND NEW FERRARI! HAHAHA! But I was terribly beaten up towards the end of the normal school. Could be unlucky, could of been Mr Longley E.T.C He was so Poor & jealous. just like everyone. I've moved on A lot since this. as I'm TWENTY years older. Some people are a bit of a life ruiner. Richard READ was very very poor. He's the one with ALL the shit in His face. I saw His mom in the department store the other day. FAT as an Elephant 25+ STONE Buying tubs of family Ice-Cream. lol Also I never messed around in the Cathedral. Those were some of my school days. i have to make the most of life. But I'm still the most FAMOUS Powerful Sorcerer In The Entire World. HAAAAAAAAAA!

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