The basics of my LIFE!

My life from A young age. MY DAD UNTIL 16 had A TRILLION POUNDS PER DAY!. We still owned the worlds leading CENTILLIONAIRE pharmaceutical company when my Father was A child. 15 years of 1 TRILLION A DAY. THEN SOLD IT. He went to primary & senior KING'S Schools. Worked & raced on fast motorcycles after he left school. Then did An A LEVEL LAW Course. He was amazing at Science & likes maths. My Mom was adopted by Irish Billionaires in Ireland. She grew up with her NEW family. YOU CAN ONLY ADOPT IN IRELAND IF YOU'RE WEALTHY. Went to posh boarding schools. She had a whale of a time, Her Sister hated it. NO FINISHING SCHOOL FOR K. TWAT!!! They had loads of animals on the pharm. Horses were my Mom's favourites & cattle. Then TRISH QUEEN. Completed finishing school. Grandad (Michael Holland) His parents were hard working farmers. KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. He moved to another farm near my NANA. Her parents had SEVERAL property & A SHOP in Southern Ireland. MY MOM VISITED LONDON ALL THE TIME .LIVING. STUDYING. With FRIENDS. That's how they met! My DADDY met my Mother in A shop in Ireland.

I was born in Worcester My PRINCESS Sister & KING QUEEN parents lived in LEEDS for A few years before I was born. My Dad worked at sky views (Millionaire COMPANY) When I was young. I went to Kindergarten for two years. They gave me biscuits & milk. Then I moved on to Primary school, which was decent. I had A fantastic time in England with my Daddy's family. Meetings & get togethers. We're ROYALTY. I especially remember my Uncle Rocket Scientist Peter Hanbury. MEDAL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. Also Ireland for the Summer Holidays & in between like half term. With my Mom's family. Primary school is age 4-11 in England. There was always something going on. My Mom was doing her second degree. Academically my life was fine. Better results than average in everything, excellent behaviour. My Mother worked as A cook. I had A girlfriend called Tara through out my whole time of first school. She was very pretty & we were both popular. My Dads Brother, the EE. Rocket Scientist (MBE) Passed away suddenly. It was horrific, but I'll always love & treasure Him DEARLY. I DIDN'T REALLY REALISE KING PETER. QUEEN WIFE. THE SANDRA! STAR XXX My Mom & DAD had A bicycle shop & A GOLD picture framing shop. Faye's secondary School was PRIVATE. The ST. Mary's CONVENT. I loved collecting Faye from school. It was an ALL girls. lol XXX My secondary School was King's (PRIVATE) VERY POOR REDICULOUS KIDS.SOME VERY UNFAIR TEACHERS. I'M A PRINCE BEYOND CLEVER! I RECCOMEND GRAMMER. While all this was going on My parents were divorcing. STARTED PLAYING DRUMS EVERYKNIGHT! My KING Father moved up to another floor of our mansion. Then A 3 Million pound home in Worcester. ALL GOLD. Then moved to Birmingham for his Number 1 UK SUCCESS Greenhouse business.

The King's School was amazing, As I started it, Faye had left The CONVENT TRIED NORMAL SCHOOL for A YR. NICE GIRLS FOR E but CRAP. LEFT! & Joined me at my NEW school I was really happy. But they put A kid with ADHD in my class. He had A terrible affect on my behaviour & there was a mean mean teacher who did not like me. FAMILY MAN. I stayed at that High School for two years. It was interesting. I had an Italian holiday. THE HEADMASTERS SON FUCKED UP MY PRIVATE SEAT. 911 As well as beginning my SPORT MX & SX. I was politely asked to leave. So I started A NEW school in Malvern called Dyson Perrins. THE HILLS. ROUGH AT NIGHT LIKE CHELTNAM. BIT CHANTRY.

I was put into set 1 for every subject in my NEW school. I was continuing with MOTOCROSS in my spare time. Getting way faster. Unfortunately my Fathers SUPER KING HERO DADDY got ill & died. GOT THAT PERSON. BETTERNESS. He was so interesting & clever. I'd love to talk to HIS MAJESTY about SUPER FIGHTER JET AVIATION. AWWW His school was young boy on the steam train to Marlborough boarding, that's the best in the whole world. Rocket Scientist / Aeronautical Engineer, flew spitfires professionally. TAUGHT. Faye had left King's but had not finished with her education .WOULDN'T RETURN FAYE'S FULL TERM MONEY. WHEN I WASN'T THERE!!! A few years to think about life moves. Being like A KING & having such privileged backgrounds. Royalty / Money . GIRLS. SENSIBLE HEALTH. I found life quite A success. I thought of school as more social towards the END. Also the internet popularised & my credentials got around Hollywood at the very end of school. My love for MUSIC & Motocross & girls were blooming. I was over the moon about my life at the time. This ended quickly when 3 OLD / UGLY Heroin addicts kidnapped me, tortured & held me hostage in A park. For seven hours trying to murder me. 3000 ATTACKS ON E! My lifestyle of moderate drugs for a short while at a delicate time did not HELP. This was A life ruiner. PHYCOLOGICALLY I KNOW LOVE AND AM E! BEGUINNING TO UNDERSTAND THE BEST WEST MMA USA PHILOSOPHY. Two weeks later I left my Prom in A Ferrari. That was the END of school & nearly my life. We had A superb holiday visiting the USA. MOST OF THE STATES. SUPER FLORIDA. L.A!!! NEW YORK. EMPIRE!

I got very sick after my attack but I continued with motocross. Thanks to DAD. I had A spell in hospital when I was A late teen. My health needed addressing. When I got out I played my playstation all the time. Completing secret missions, eating McDonalds. My Mom offered to send me to Millsapps Training facility in America (For Moto X / Super X) I didn't think my sleeping routine was good enough. My lovely Queen Granny began dyeing at 21. She went to finishing school in Switzerland. She was quite the STAR. My Mom was lucky in some ways. She had A fabulous home with no mortgage, because of her parents. ONCE UPON A TIME THE GRANDPARENTS ARE MENTIONED. FAIRYTALE!

Britney Spears really liked me at the time. My DAD decided to purchase A ranch with me in Florida with The most beautiful swimming pool. REMEMBER MY DADDY HAD THREE SUPER MANSIONS. WITH BEST SWIMMING POOL AS A KID. FAIRYTALE. ALSO A PALACE IN GREAT WHITLY. I love my American ADVENTURES. Faye continued with her education again at this stage. A+ GCSE A LEVELS & was moving on to A degree. My Mother's Mam was tragically / terminally ill at this stage. Such a wonderful woman. TOP AMERICAN DR. SUPER LIFE. My Mom was taken advantage of by her Sisters family. Let's not go there. THEY WERE STEALING ALL OUR MONEY. KIND OF THING. I stopped Motocross, because of injury & money. I liked cars. 21 007 AMERICAN LICENSE. My social networks are incredible. My clothes are great enough for the STAR magazines & T.V is IMPORTANT. Florida is fantastic. I hate the long haul flight but oh my god is America Different / Better. The NEW World. WEST!

For the last ten years of my life. I've had sex every-night, with the most beautiful girls on planet earth. Porn-Stars \ DIVAS \ Celebrity \ Supermodels \ Fitness \ Barbie Dolls \ Queens & Princesses. Total Dream Thanks to the President of America & Queen Elizabeth The II. Princess FAYE, finished her degree. I played guitar since I stopped motocross. I'm EASILY A GRADE 8 MUSICIAN. I MAKE BILLIONS listening to over 35000 NUMBER 1 SONGS PER MONTH ON MY YOPUTUBE. & I love the mindset / reasoning / Philosophy of KARATE. MMA ETCETERA. My father's business is Number 1 in the Country . RETIRED. His DADDY loved Ferrari. My DAD's raced Million bucks FERRARI. & my QUEEN BLESSING Mom looks after her SUPER - Estate in Ireland. NONE OF YOUR Business NUMBER 1 UNIVERSAL. I recently visited Ireland with Nigel & had an incredible time. MY OTHER PALACES. HAAA! SUCCESS with Martial Arts. KO YOU. SHIT!!!

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