The BETTER Majesty!

This is my latest BLOG, It's talking about my favourite thing. My BETTER BLOOD. Now most people can't accept The FACT! So I'm about to explain it ;-) My history is rich, beyond all dreams & into Never Land! The reason you HAVE to bow to ME is quite simple. For no one can pull off this trick except GODS & I am The Greatest GOD ever. In fact my Majesty is so fucking incredible, I'm worth it. My blood is ROYAL, DUKE / ARISTOCRATIC 4000+ YEARS! TRILLIONAIRE GOLD. I was born A KING with infinite MONEY. So you must understand, It's like breathing to me (NORMAL) My betterness is PURE Magic & inconceivable to nearly all. I'm RELATED To JESUS!!! E.T.C I'm going to explain what I'm made of & how PERFECT I truly AM! Drugs was our main thing so, as you can imagine, only ours are the best in the whole world. 100,000,000 + SUPER COMBINATIONS. Like the INHALER, saves 350+ million lives. How fucking good is that! You ask... It's BETTER! The halib orange pill, Vitamins & minerals + NEW RANGE. Always doing good for all. HEALTH! Freeing black people & STOPPING slavery FOREVER in our hearts. It's the right thing to do, DONE! As you can imagine, owning the worlds leading pharmaceutical company for hundreds of years. We made A lot of money, LIKE TRILLIONS! Doing good. Billions A week, adds up! But only if you know what your doing. LOL! Which we DO!!! So CEO, The King Frederick H. All The butler staff & every convenience imaginable. In the Palaces, mega mighty! So we have ALL the good, like HELPING people, discovering NEW things. Investing money in growth of ourselves, as people. Schools, education, bettering ourselves with learning & achieving. MAGNIFICENT! Marlborough. One, if not, the best school in the world. We learnt Engineering (Special specious Engines, METAL!) & Rocket Science there. The chemicals, as secret! Made our compound. Like fireworks. It's LIT!!! Grammar school, Another developed ROCKET SCIENTIST. MBE GOLD with The QUEEN Of England. It really doesn't get any BETTER! The work, effort & interest. SUCCESS! Like our history, The philanthropy (Giving money away to the needy) Victoria MEDAL oF HONOUR! It's ok but begging letters are A fright. Total NO!!! Understand. The cultures around this Universe are bright. Make yourself up of them & you have colour! Finishing schools in the Swiss Atlantic & MANNERS, Etiquette & self belief. Silver =) WEAR! All adds up. Aeronautical engineering, flying. WINGS & space. medals & disciplines. I am pure STAR. Moon, & SUN! Chemistry & Chemicals. All phresh compound. HEALTH products & MONEY!!! Jewels, The most exquisite materials. The shiniest most expensive gleaming CROWNS! I AM The KING! Top NAME. All the jobs & work we've done. Makes sense! America. The LAW! Doing everything all right. Knowing the difference. Never wrong. Taking someones life away. When... With me It's whenever! TAUGHT.! Torture. Knowing what's happening. CONTROL! 9/11 was A mistake. To HELP fix that...!? Mingling with The world Royalty. Fascinating. Flowers, now that's A subject, LIFE! GREEN application. So you understand, life is important. It's what you make of it! We make it BETTER!!! Always have, always will. SILK- WEB. WORM & Butterfly. Transformation. PAPER - SEX! Religion. Self sacrifice. I'm fucking IMPORTANT!!! Drinks, like potions. Delicious HEALTHY-Food & music = DANCING! Exercise, The best of everything. INVENTION & my intervene. Not forgetting drugs. That's especially important. PHD design. Life or death! You see I AM BETTER & there is A reason. GOD = KING. Same thang & Vice Versus. DNA genetics. That's just A light highlight of my highlife. Operating theatres. All inclusive. The REAL people. My heritage, Family through Family & BEYOND! BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! SEX / HEALTHY YOUNG. FAKE TITS. SUPER FUCK SPECIAL! DYNASTY. HEIR / THRONE . BLONDE PLATINUM!!! The CROWNS. KING & QUEEN. I don't look down at peasants, but I am privileged. Super SPECIAL ADVANTAGE. Development. Always learning & achieving, The highest standards. The conclusion... I can cut your head off! Nice but naughty. SPEND SPEND SPEND. I'm totally worth A quintillion Now & Forever. My TRUE WORTH. It's what I make of it! Impossible is NOTHING. X

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