My historical family Palaces

King Fredericks Palace

This is my Great Great Grandfather King Frederick Janson Hanburys Palace. They had 40 servants & 20 gardeners looking after the property. I believe they all lived in the house looking after my family. Sat on his Throne, complete with torture dungeon! THRONE. My Grandad used to play in this home as a child!

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Haughton Hall

Our (Sarah) Rose Hanbury married a Lord, into this family. Her paternal Grandmother was a bridesmaid at Princess Elizabeths wedding ;)

Hanbury Manor

One of my relatives was a famous Princess who lived here! She eventually sold this place in the 1900's & It was turned into a hotel.


This is KREMLIN Palace in MOSCOW RUSSIA. We were The Financial Secretary To Treasury for many many years. We ran The Big Royal MONEY. Super Big Time, we resided at this residence!


This is our Royal SHANGHAI TEA PALACE, My Ancestors lived here for much time while owning most of CHINA. I don't actually drink TEA or COFFEE! X Daniel HANBURY. x

National Treasure Poland

Sir Charles William Hanbury used to live here, from our family dating back to the 1700's! English Ambassador to Russia.

Hanbury Botanical Gardens

My family member started all the gardens here in Italy with a Palace, They are very successful -Worth 3+ BILLION EURO) A+++ public highlight for tourism. You can find statues of my relative all over around the gardens. Thomas HANBURY. ORCHIDS / CITRUS - FLOWA POWA. Nearly 6000 SPECIES (PRIVATE BEACH) X GOLD X  NEAR (HOME) FRANCE!!! THRONE xXx CROWN

Hanbury Hall

This is open to the public in Worcestershire, it has very beautiful gardens! Stately design.

Ilam Hall

This was owned by our Hanbury Family! He was a Financial secretary to treasury.

Castle Howard

Our very good friends lived here. We spent a lot of time with their family, We knew all the special people in the world! We are something to do with it.

Buckingham Palace

This is Buckingham Palace in ENGLAND. My Royal Elizabeth HANBURY was best friends with QUEEN Victoria & Lived in The ESTATE with everyone. We have had many Honours, credential & awards here! In the heart of LONDON where most of my family lived. Thank-You to their ROYAL family from mine.  =-)        

Elliot's Mansion

This is my main CRIB, A Grade II listed Georgian mansion with Louis XVI (16th) French theme! Everything's luxury White / GOLD quality marble. Very ostentatious! In one of the best, billion pound areas in the world. Fit for A KING!

My Beach! ITALY      Italian Stallion     


Beverly Hills

American Pharma FACTORY

My FAMILY Histories best Motorcars

1905 Rolls Royce 10HP


1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost


1929 Bentley

8 million

1930 Bentley speed 6

5.1 million



1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing


1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

$38 million

1964 Porsche 911 Carrera RS


1965 Aston Martin DB5


1968 Aston Martin DB6


1969 Dino 246 GT


1970 Lamborghini Miura

1.2 million

1974 Lamborghini Countach


1977 Ferrari 308 GTB


Favourite Supercars

Supercar Blondie

I've DRIVEN ALL Of These...

Riddlesworth Hall

This was owned by Silvanus Bevan in the 1700's A very wealthy BANKER /Trillions NOW. The ONES who started BARCLAYS BANK. My PALACE! Now It's turned into the type of PRIVATE school that your children will marry A ROYAL (KING EMHH) BABY. XXX 






Mystical / Magical!!!

The Science & 

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