Britney Spears

Britney & I, have known eachother a very long time... She has been so special to me in recent years. Reaching out & writing songs & including me all over the place. I really can relate to her musical talent. Like I say, THANK-YOU!!! 

About Britney Spears

Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning pop icon Britney Spears is one of the most successful and celebrated entertainers in pop history with nearly 100 million records sold worldwide. In the U.S. alone, she has sold more than 70 million albums, singles and songs, according to Nielsen Music. Born in Mississippi and raised in Louisiana, Spears became a household name as a teenager when she released her first single “...Baby One More Time,” a Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 smash and international hit that broke sales records with more than 27 million copies sold worldwide and is currently 14x Platinum in the U.S.

Her musical career boasts countless awards and accolades, including six Billboard Music Awards and Billboard’s Millennium Award, which recognizes outstanding career achievements and influence in the music industry as well as an American Music Award and the 2011 MTV Video Vanguard Award. So far, Spears has earned a total of six No.1-debuting albums on the Billboard 200 chart and 24 top 40 hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 — five of which went to No. 1. Spears has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards and won for Best Dance Recording in 2005.

Her cutting-edge pop concert Las Vegas residency, “Britney: Piece of Me,” at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has been voted “Best Show in Las Vegas” and “Best Bachelorette Show in Las Vegas.” Spears also has been creating fragrances for over ten years, to date has introduced 19 fragrances, available in over 90 countries around the world.

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Mental Health


Break The Ice

This was one of the first ever songs Britney wrote to me! Saying It's been a while for me. Asking me to take my clothes off & telling me She'll make me rock hard

Gimme more

I love this tune, It's all about wanting to dance with me! Showing off her sexy body & the famous hat that no one likes lol! I can't get enough of the start, She's so cool all dolled up in the club.


She's telling me how she made me crazy. Which is true! I heard this song on the radio when I was with my Father. Wanting dinner with me then SEX! HA! Obviously made a song calling me a womanizer!

If You Seek Amy

This is when I first contacted Britney through the internet, with her staff members interacting for her. We fell out big time. She decided to write a song all about it, saying, say what you want about me.basically.


Very catchy song. I love her & her buddies on the rail, very very sexy. Wants to shag more than one person at once, three maybe four lol! Do it you & me, YES please HA! xxx

Do Something

This is early on when she found out about me, from a distance. Obviously observing me, thinking I really need to make a move, especially on Her, "Why don't Ya do somethin"


This is one of my favourite songs, It's time old. Thinking I should commit suicide, is it worth it lol! It's easy for me to move forward, She needs me. Wonderful piece!

Piece Of Me

This is when we were having fun with each other in all the magazines, happy times. She's saying Elliot, you really want a piece of me. All the fame front covers & her initial life!


This really gets my heart racing to the music. Saying I can chill with her, or stay scared HA! Telling me she's the boss. True showgirl. Love the video! Very impressive. Wants to know what I can do.


This is definetley the song I like the most. Saying, that I'm on her radar & there's no escaping her. Which I love. Super sportsmanship. Telling me it isn't going to stop. Top marks for using the vintage MG built up the road from my Dad's home!

Hold It Against Me

Telling me I'm winning.Worried She's coming on too strong. Wanting my body for sex & knowing It's made out of gold, diamonds & star-dust She's crazy, but the spark. Wants to see my privates lol!

Till The World Ends

This song is definetley worth dancing to. She can't take no more. Likes me noticing her, noticing me. Love the bodysuit.

My NEW fragrance

Britney Spears's NEW design for me... It's my private show & Bow down to King Elliot

Fantasy In Bloom

I've always told Britney I've won Worcester in Bloom flower competition. She's done a spin off of it on her NEW perfume creation FantasyInBloom, very clever, I love it ;)

Work Bitch

This part / section was dedicated to Britney Spears, for all the time, effort & money put into the development of my STAR. Her talent has no boundaries & exceptional courage!!! The best singer in the entire world & She totally LOVES ME! HA HA. & once upon A time... I just want to say ''Thank-You'' For this wonderful, magical priceless FAIRYTALE ;) XOXO  EXCELLENT!!! 

Twitter follow

Britney has done a lot of main distribution for me on social media. The Queen does follow me on twitter & I have been personally tweeted by herself!

Britney Spears merchandise ;)

Slumber Party

MAGAZINE Front Covers!

I've probably had 1000+ front covers, mentions & article features in Motocross, fashion & star magazines, also newspapers E.T.C Since my debut! I can't keep up with them all. 

Front page of MOTO Magazine!

This was my first big front cover motocross magazine, it was a one off issue with me on nearly every page! I'll cherish this magazine forever. THANKS!!!

Sneaking onto the front cover with Britney!

Part of my secret service duty, you get the odd kick with the job! I am special & I work for the Queen & Kate as James Bond.


Hit Records!

I've probably been written 1000+ songs over the many years of me being around in the music world & I do appreciate every single one for what it is, these are some of my favourites, that I can easily relate to. THANKS!
Ain't It Funny

Another song about me. I've got too much money to hang out with or be boyfriend & girlfriend. Nice song. Having a bit of a laugh at the end.

Jenifer Lopez


They mention my Name at the start, It's meant to be like my Fathers house. I really can relate! Cool video. I regularly interact with J Lo on social media ;)

Lil Kim Ferrari

This is a brilliant song, replicating my Ferrari at prom! Just to show it all off. HA HA!!!

Shut Up And Drive! X


This song was written about my situation with a little girl who needed some serious help! Who I did SAVE ;)

The Monster

They kindly wrote a song relating to me, The monster under my bed is Thomas Hewitt! All the voices are in sync with me in my head..! My psychiatrist keeps telling me i'm crazy, & that's unfair! HA! THANK-YOU!

In For The Kill

This song is about a prisoner who went in for the kill, just for the thrill, then took his own life! Jason Kendall was his name. The leader from the Aerian Brotherhood gang in America.

Amerie 1 thing

This is a song that Amerie wrote about me when I was young, trying to guess my sex life on my situation with a girl at the time. Very amazing song, I love it! GENIUS!!!


I like Lady Ga Ga! I've had sex with her loads, one time we had an 8hr session! This song truly amazes me, whether it's to do with me or not!? I love it & super can relate! ;) Baby I'm famous...

SEAN PAUL: Ever Blazin
Outta Control


The Fear

This is Lilly Allen at her best! She must of saw my old myspace, because I referred to my King estate, then compared myself to Britney being a gypsy from a caravan lol. Lilly used this perspective in this video. Watch the video you'll see.


This song was wrote for me by Nickelback, It's really appreciated. When I first became a STAR! It's really fun & everyone got involved. THANKS!!

SUGARBABES: Push The Button

SHAPE OF YOU; This song is all about my favourite girls in bed with mwah! The sexual sweat on my bed sheets, undercover! Romatic & bliss lol. I'm having the time of my life! XOXO

LL COOL J: Paradise

The Massacre

Gwen Stefani


The Streets


I've been involved with a lot of movies, including Ratatouille, WALLE, James Bond, All sorts of fine arts. E.T.C Thank-You & Respect! ;)  

I'm a fully fledged Prince in HOLLYWOOD! Since before I was a child superstar growing up. I know all the best magazine people & MOVIE stars. All the big wigs. I know everything about TV & how it all works correctly! I talk to any CHANNEL. The people who work for me are just absolutely incredible. I have so much money & POWER, anythings possible ;) I can do whatever I want with merchandise, brands, FASHION labels. ADVERT ideas. It all works out. Buy the rights for ANYTHING. LOL Coca-Cola love me! 

Be Cool

This is when I first became famous, I was lucky enough for The Rock to play myself in the role of a GAY bodyguard called ELLIOT! When everyone thought I was gay in HOLLYWOOD at the time lol. I like it, It's very fun! 

The Dictator

This is hilarious, putting a picture up of all the famous girls he's had SEX with! Just like I did on myspace, Sasha even invited me to his world Premiere in Los Angeles :)


When I was young, I went to a nightclub on a cruise ship, "Staying Alive" came on! I really wanted to dance. They pulled this scene off for me, very funny, THANKS! 


This is one of my favourite films of all time. The James Bond movies is what I'm all about. There's always a surprise in them with plenty of twists & turns! I love Silvers teeth ;) It is/was my job!

The Wolf Of WallStreet

A Stockbroker MOVIE for my Billionaire Cousin DAN. XXX


I know all about "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" story. I know Thomas Hewitt's (Leatherface)  Family very well! I've slept with his Mother & his Sister & I'm a close personnel friend! My invaluable experience! These people exist, but you don't want to mess with them. They would kill you!!! I've learnt so much about these inbreds, the film industry involved me with their movies! Especially "The Beginning" & Texas Chainsaw ;)

"The Beginning"

I'm Different ;)


Кати Самбуки 



Ariana Grande





What A FUCK!!!

Jermain Depri





  & ALL My MEGA         

Trillions in CASH / MONEY.


High School GIRL!!!


I love MJ. RIP This is One Of My FAVOURITES NOTHING to do with me, but TOTALLY This One. BEAT IT "Motown" Tonight, Yesterday & Forever <3



KEITH Recognised The XYLOPHONE / GRANDAD 80+ YRS PRO! The NEW Writing ON The WALL. OMEN!!! For PRINCE To Write E! A SONG As Well. That's just The ICEING ON THE CAKE. GREAT / FANTASTIC! XXX The BOOK. Purple RAIN! Sort Of Thang. Just PURE AMAZING XX