True Story

I was kidnapped & held hostage by cheating CRAZY BULLIES. TORTURED as A young child by PEODOPHILES ADULTS, By MONSTERS! Attempted MURDER. Horrible / Disturbing. ALL Knight. HEROIN ADDICTS! The Worst People EVER! Serial Killers.  Attacked me 1500+ times. Lucky To Be ALIVE. Type of scumbags who throw bricks at the paramedics & Fire Department. UNFAIR!!! The END TREASON


They're BAD


Just to explain, this was a very long time ago! I've made so much progress on my journey to recovery. I'm doing really very well now. I've sorted myself out leaps & bounds ;) I only go to the Doctor once every 6 months & my next stage in my referral is back to the GP as normal! I'm virtually symptom free. I'm getting on with life & living it to the full :) THANK-YOU everyone for all the support & help, it means the world to me. Once again Thank-You.



After A couple of hysterical recovery years. My HEALTH was helped by FUCKING (LIKE EVERYTHING) ALL THE HOTTEST PORNSTARS. NO PROBLEMS. I chose with my Royal Majesty & ENJOYED. Early REWARD!!! MADE ME FEEL A HELL OF A LOT BETTER! THANKS!!! When I returned HOME to My PALACE in WORCESTERSHIRE! Britney Spears LIKED KING ELLIOT M. HOLLAND-HANBURY SOOO MUCH… Brit wanted to move into A separate part of my PALACE / MANSION. I frequently had SEX with BRITNEY (Remember SPEARS had wrote many songs / MAG paragraphs. MEDIA / TV / SOCIAL NETWORKING FOR E!!! But HARRY SPENCER, was involved. ALL the Celebrities STARTED visiting MY CRIB. Fights broke out. You know Girls & Boys. Obviously.! Some of the SEX was winding Everyone up. Like I shagged KATE WINSLET From TITANIC, But Ended up Punching LEONARDO DICAPRIO in the face A bit too HARD!!! & GEORGE CLOONEY. Right / LEFT BAM! I was having INTIMATE RAW FUCKING with ALL the Top A+++ LIST GIRLS. But BRITNEY brought ALL the STAR BOYS with Her. Shagging them anyway!!! TUT. This went on for several years. AT KNIGHT, MAINLY. Harry was also having SEX with the star girls. There’s NO TRIO of KING ELLIOT / Britney & Harry. Starting to make SENSE!? XXX I WON A lot of Proper FIGHTS. With ALL SORTS of people. BRIT comes with ALL that FAME. But NOTHING LIKE MY CROWN. I slept with Sandra Bullock from SPEED The HOLLYWOOD FILM. But I didn’t get on too bad with Keanu Reaves. He still took A FUCKING PUNCH to the face. HAHA! All in good spirit 😉 My Fathers PALACE iN BRUM / TOP!!! Had all sorts of girls visiting. Nice & NASTY! I had A lot of PLEASURE. But BRITNEY was taking the piss A bit. GYPSY! I fought Sylvester Stallone & WON. In bed with His WIFEY! MX STAR ANTONIO. Phyco in my bedroom. Beat me A bit. Butter bean got beaten up (A famous Boxer) KNOCK OUT!!! I stayed away from the Jackass people. I took Arnold Schwarzenegger NICELY. FRANK BRUNO took A beating from E!!! Mike Tyson LOST. Loads of famous STARS . With lots of girl TROUBLE! Chandler BING was aggressive. I can’t get ON with Everyone.


The Thomas HEWITT family were involved. BAD people, but I got on very very very well at the START. They like my magical POWERS. OBAMI was President at the time. I ended up fighting with BRITNEY SPEARS A LOT. SUPER FUN SEX then A MASSIVE attack each other brutally. She is A very HARD lady. harry lapt it ALL UP! I’ve had thousands of SUPERSTARS in my bedroom. WWE let me FUCK all the coolest girls. THANKYOU. I struggled with A couple of SECRET AGENTS that kept me good / STRAIGHT! They HELPED me cope after such A TRAGIC time in The PARK! EVEN got SATISFACTION / FULL REVENGE. HAAA! I eventually I told BRITNEY to LEAVE!!! After A while She did. I had SEX with A girl I really liked for several times A week. For A YEAR. Super PLEASURE. Took A step back..! Then KATYA SAMBUCA came along. Once again harry was involved ruining everything, & KAT knew how to wind E! up with boys in my room. Most of them are DEAD from OLD AGE. VERY DISRESPECTFUL. I had to SAVE The Whole World (AMERICA) While ALL This Was Going ON. (911) SPECIAL HAHAHA! I did have some great times with KATYA but she’s from A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY. I AM very Privileged & lucky, To Be ALIVE!!! I AM A MAIN STAR! THANK-GOD. I also had time in The UNITED STATES Of AMERICA! INBETWEEN A LOT! Britney & SEXUAL girls. Some NORMAL. FUN!!! I learnt so much combat skills. Ability. World Class techniques. Fighting styles & WEAPONS. I used ALL OF this for the good. RIGHT!!! I’m also SUPER in BED LOL!!! The TEXAS MAN was The WORST (IN THE WORLD) A year straight fighting. Very Very VERY HARD FAMILY. MEN & WOMAN. XXX KNIGHTMARE! The C.I.A HELPED KING E. Move ON A Lot. Valuable lesson. BITCH BE GOOD. I AM BETTER! POTION! UNDERSTAND!!! Attractive GOLD. I really did sort my life out. I love my ROYAL “BETTER” FAMILY. VERY VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!! HEALTH is most IMPORTANT. MONEY TRILLIONS EASY. I WON. Best In the Whole WORLD! Just like my incredible SEX LIFE! I AM IMPORTANT. I had A lot of HELP from the RIGHT / CORRECT people. Top CLASS. AGENCY!!! I’m living MY AMERICAN DREAM. Paris HILTON is NOTHING / SHIT!!! I’ve overcome sooo many obstacles. I’m Super Cool!!! Still IN  my Early AGE / YOUTH. IMPROVED EVERYTHING. ON top of the world. RULING IT GREATER THAN The best PARADISE EVER. Trump was BETTER with KAT. But DISABLED girls in my room because of JEALOUSY & LIES. EVERYONES ABSOLOUTLEY NOTHING / MONEY / POWER/ WISE! WHO’S WHO!!! HAHAHA. My QUEEN AUNT SALLY & I FELL OUT with HARRY. Now There’s A NEW PRESIDENT. My US MAJESTY. BEYOND Y’ALL! KING ELLIOT MICHAEL HOLLAND-HANBURY. The GREATEST AMERICAN. XXX