True Story

I was kidnapped & held hostage by cheating CRAZY BULLIES. TORTURED as A young child by PEODOPHILES ADULTS, By MONSTERS! Attempted MURDER. Horrible / Disturbing. ALL Knight. HEROIN ADDICTS! The Worst People EVER! Serial Killers.  Attacked me 3000+ times. Lucky To Be ALIVE. Type of scumbags who throw bricks at the paramedics & Fire Department. UNFAIR!!! The END TREASON


They're BAD

 I was having a night out with 7 of my friends 2 weeks before my prom. I was on my moped, my friends were all on foot. It was quite late at night, about 1:35am. One of my older friends said “Let’s go back to the park for his alcohol that he had hid in the bushes” (Winter gardens, Malvern) So we decided to all go back because that’s what friends are for! On the way there we passed a crossroads, we saw 3 people all walking towards the park! One was short & stocky about 23yrs old, another was quite tall with blonde hair medium build about 22yrs old, but there was also an older looking person who was really really big, pure muscle with solid fat about 30yrs old! I was only a young boy at 16 years old! I didn’t get a very good look but they looked very sketchy! After we had passed one of my friends said to me “they’re the worst people” I thought nothing of it really, I was quite a confident young child in my youth. When we got to the park, my friend jumped on the back of my moped & said “head towards the bridge!” I got to it, then he said cross over!



   When we had crossed the bridge, I saw those three people standing in/near the boat sheds. I pulled my bike over and stood it on It’s stand. Went to sit down, (while I took my helmet off) To wait for my friends! As I sat down I realised that (Antony Farley) The short one, who I realised was quite muscled. (Looked like he had been working out in prison) was sat on my bike! The other two approached me (John Smith & Chris (Krissy) Willis), that second I knew that I was in a very uncomfortable position, they made me feel this way! They were the worst people I had ever come across, I could tell that just by looking at them and there body language! The worst burglary sort of people, trouble anyway you look at them, murderers/tramps! (I knew I was about to get beaten up no matter what basically) I knew they were crack & heroin addicts! I wasn’t, I was only a thin normal sized kid, I thought I would “try” & talk my way out of it! There was nothing else I could really do! Everyone arrived & no one said much, I was stuck in a situation that was very difficult!



   As I was sat there everyone sat down around me including the two lads while the other one was sitting on my moped! People were just talking a bit, while I sat there trying to be quiet (But I was very worried) The big ginger one, who had “LITTLEMAN” wrote across his back (The irony was ridiculous) sat there looking depressed with hid fist leant up his face! Started talking, he was kind of wondering would I go to the police! He said something like “you think your better than me” I noticed he had a nasty gap in his teeth!!! I mentioned teeth & he looked at me like he was going to kill me” I Said “You’ll have to excuse me I’m wired” I’ve been totally clean now for 10 years, since that night! (I’ll tell you why) He said to me “Are you posh” I replied nothing because I am a bit! He said “Are you deaf” Once again I said nothing! My “friend” Danny said “he went to Grammar school” “He races motocross” I just could not believe my friend said something like that with people like this in our presence! They were the worst people ever! I said “someone got robbed at gunpoint in my yard in Birmingham” I thought I’d better say something to play myself down a bit! He started asking me about girls, saying “did I have a girlfriend!” I replied “not at the moment” he laughed at me! You could cut the tension with a knife! They were taking advantage of me! They built it up until I was too scared to do anything! I sat down in the boat shed really scared! The fat older man sat down next to me, then he squished his body up against mine! I asked him “What‘s your name“ (Squashing me against the arm rest)  He then raised his fist to my face, stood up & said “If you don’t give me the keys to your moped in 3 seconds, I’m going to plaster your face across that wall” He started counting “3...2...” I said “wait, I’ll let you have a go on it” He said “ok!”




   I took out my keys and walked over to my moped! (Anthony was sat on it) I put the keys in the ignition and turned it! I said to the person on my bike “do you want to borrow my helmet” me being safety conscious (I was being nice) That person tried it on & for what ever reason didn’t want to wear it! (I also knew Anthony’s name because my other friend who wasn’t with me said “He steals motorbikes, he stole my friends neighbours monkey bike a couple of days before, I don’t know how but I saw Anthony ride it down a road a few days later) Anyway he passed the helmet to Chris Willis and tried to wink before I saw past the post he was hidden behind, He didn’t put it down, so I somehow guessed that he was going to whack me with it! So I thought I’d wait for him too! Anthony pulled off on my moped into the park, Chris leant sideways a bit and swung back another bit to use all his momentum! He swung my helmet as hard as he possibly could to smash it into my face! I ducked because he wasted to much time trying to use ALL his force! Luckily I stood next to one of the pillars/posts as he swung & swung round in circles trying to smash my face open! Eventually he gave up and let go of my helmet, it went flying across the concrete smashing all the visor and tearing the paintwork, and ended up in the middle of the lake on purpose, to trap me!






I walked up to him & was going to punch him in the face, when I thought about the big fat gypsy/traveller/yobbo one! I thought what’s the point! Anthony came back on the bike & stopped outside the boat-sheds! I wanted to get out of the situation more than anything, but Anthony leant over my bike & started asking questions like “How would I start it if I didn’t have the keys” I said “it has loads of problems like loses water and there is something wrong with the exhaust” I told him a bit about the spark plug trying to seam helpful! As I was pointing to it, I had this gut instinct to look up, as I did I saw this fist go whoosh straight past my face, Chris fell flat on his face, straight onto the concrete! He tried to punch me as hard as he could, while I wasn’t looking! I had done nothing wrong at all! I was beginning to get fed up! I was going to laugh at him & kick him in the face, but I’m a nice person! So I didn’t say anything not even an expression! Next thing I know “Littleman” comes rushing in full blast punching me in my face full blast! I covered my face up with my arms but it still really hurt, he wouldn’t stop punching me, at least 10 times! Then Chris started punching me as hard as he could like another 10 times! After they had finished I stood up wanting to leave! 



   When I stood up I wanted to get on my bike and leave! I was hoping they would leave me alone now! They had a bit of a punch that was it! Oh nooo! While I was stood there wondering what had just happened! Littleman slipped behind everyone made about 8 ft room beside me and swept up and punched me as hard as was physically possible in the side of my head! Trying to knock me out unconscious, or kill me! Showing off! I blacked out a bit and thought I cant believe a 30yr old man would do such a thing & that he was going to be in big trouble if he did that again! (It hurt like hell) I stood next to my bike and tried to keep my composure! I stood in front of a pillar and said to him “Is there a mark on my face” He looked at me in the worst way ever & said “there’s more where that came from” I was just praying it was going to end now! I wanted to get out of there but it was too awkward, there was nothing I could do! Why should I let him have my moped for free! None of my friends said anything at all! If I was them I would of left me, which is what they did, one said “lets go” so they all started to walk off and left me! I wanted to shout “call the police or my Dad” but I was soo scared I couldn’t even speak! Littleman was saying I’m gunna punch him in a minute” I said “look at the size of you” He said “You calling me fat” You know that yobbo attitude! I had nowhere to go! One of my friends said “I’ll stay” without saying anymore, he played it as he kind of knew them! Sort of thing. Wasn’t much help, but if I got murdered at least he would of seen everything!



   So I was basically all alone stuck in the park having a nightmare! little man sat on my bike to have a go on it! There was nothing I could do, hopefully they would leave me alone if I did! As little man pulled off on my moped! Anthony was winding/egging Chris to attack me! Chris did, he started punching me in the face as hard as he could hanging on to me, clinging to me grabbing me swinging his fist punching me like 20-30 times, half way through he head butted me as quick as he could real HARD! It really hurt, I felt like crying but this was the least of my problems! They were making me fight, but they didn’t want me to really, you know cheating. Tough. Unfair! I thought stop touching me! Littleman arrived back on my moped! He instantly got off it ran up to me and joined Chris with decking my face in! They punched me in the face a lot, like 40-50 times between them, but because I held my hands up they had to settle for brain damaging me, the side of my skull and all around my head! It was very painful, they carried on doing this for quite a while! They didn’t say much, they just wound me up as much as they could, saying this & that! Punching me in the face the best they could like another 100 times! This went on for like an hr or two I didn’t know! Littleman eventually asked me if I had a phone, I said “I have nothing” as I putt my arms out to show! (I did have my phone though) They kept beating me and beating me! Really painful! They were fighting really dirty! The whole time I defended myself to the maximum, by blocking as much as I could, it was exhausting! They kept touching me & harassing me! The aggression was like nothing I had ever seen before, they were in such a bad mood for nothing! They hated me beyond belief for no reason at all! Chris tried to pull my trousers down & steal them (Burberry) I held on to them to keep them up, or next thing I knew I would be tied to the tree strung up with them. He fell on the floor! My friend was stood there saying nothing! They continued to wind me up and hurt me for quite some time, they must have punched me at least another 3-400 times again! Really violent! Chris kept looking at his nails like he could polish them he was having so much fun & that it was that easy to abuse me. Again Little man  asked me “have you got a wallet” I said “no” it just wound him up more and made him more angry! Chris kept punching me as hard as he knew how! Again & again & again! This was very distressful! I wasn’t sure I was going to leave the park that night! They had a look of a killer in there eyes!  They weren’t very good at fighting, but they were learning quickly with the practice from me! They had previously robbed an old lady for her handbag, she unfortunately died of a heart attack! I had done nothing wrong at all! They went on & on punching me into the night! Really fierce a disturbing! Like another 400 times taking it in turns! One after the other! While one rested the other went, they had like a system it was soooo nasty! I didn’t know people like this existed! They were really violent my face was aching and I could feel I had two black eyes! I thought about my life and how it was all going out the window because of these people! I was going to have a heart attack from how much horror, from what was happening!








   My head was hurting REALLY bad! I knew there was permanent damage done no matter what I did! I didn’t feel right, it wasn’t me! I was obviously worried, but there was nothing I could do! I was trapped in the park being held hostage by three thugs! I was kidnapped, no escaping! They proceeded to torture me more & more! I thought I was going to die. It was good versus evil! They were definitely jealous that I was a millionaire! They were beginning to get in so much trouble they were falling out! They had punched me soo hard like 900 times or more by now! They looked at each other, thinking we’re in so much trouble now! I could tell! After all I was stuck with them! I reckon they were out of their eyeballs on heroin! I was going to offer them the beer in the hedge but I forgot, I was panicking & was so worried for my life! I said “leave me alone” a couple of times that was it! They just kept pounding away at me, when I had done nothing wrong! Litlleman was swinging for me with so much aggression I could dodge some of his attacks because he was heavy! Chris on the other hand was just a complete psycho! Also I was so much younger, it wasn’t fair at all! I had no chance. Taunting me the whole time! They were very vindictive, pushing me around telling me what to do! This was going on for way tooo long! I needed to do something, but I was trapped in the boat sheds covered by all 3 of them, with my helmet stuck in the lake! 



   Chris was willing to take things to another level, (As well as Littleman!?) Chris grabbed me by the arms and held me in position! He struck his absolute hardest head butt at me with all his might! He tried smashing my nose open! I countered this with my head as well as I could! The violence of him was absolutely atrocious! He did this 10 times in a row hardcore! He was so vicious it was unbelievable! I was lifting my leg up in case he tried to sweep my footing! I could feel the marks on my arms from his nails! Ow! I was considering biting him, but I thought I better not because he might have aids from needles and syringes! He just would not relent! It was starting to get light now! I had been punched enough to last a lifetime! It still wasn’t over!? I defended myself as best as I could, but there was nothing I could do the physical & mental damage was done. They were very controlling. They were taking out all there anger on me, & I don’t know why! I had half a cigarette in my pocket, I thought I could offer it to them! It might distract them or give them something to do because they weren’t leaving me alone for 1 second! Little man (John) took it from me and made a roll up! As he was doing this Anthony said “You’ll have to excuse my friend he’s in a funny mood” Littleman asked me “Have you got any money” I took out 2p from my pocket and said ”You can have it” He said nothing!



   They still went absolutely mad in a psycho rage at me! Punching & beating me down! Chris was so astonished that he was getting away with it that he leant back & was like I’m the greatest ever! Couldn’t believe what he was doing/getting away with! Though that it was so bad and so cool! I was pretty much dead at this stage, I was in so much pain and anguish, I didn’t understand what was going on! I don’t really say much in this writing, but the whole time I was getting punched! Harder than a freight train! Total brutality. They even said to me “aren’t you going to cry” I was defending for my life! I really thought I was going to die! Chris had a really hard session of fighting me on my own! Littleman let him, but hawked over him just in case I did anything! He kept randomly going psychopath at me going mad beating the crap out of me, like proving he was harder or something! Trying his absolute hardest to hurt me! This went on forever! They did everything physically possible to physically disable & mentally destroy me! I would never be the same again. I didn’t throw 1 punch that night! I walked over to the lake to look like I wanted to leave, by looking at my helmet in the middle. Littleman was saying things like “I’m gunna push you in, in a minute if you don’t get your helmet” They still punched my lights out another 400 times, They were in fight mode all night! it was like up to over 1000+ times now & I was sick of it! They were making the most of it, dragging it out.



   After Chris had finished his fighting session of talking a foreign language dancing like a ritual, I grabbed him by his jacket and said ”I don’t want to fight you” Then I pushed him away from me! He stumbled over a bit then fell head first backwards and might have clipped his head on the step where my helmet had flung passed earlier! Littleman instantly came running over and just laid into me with all his power! I put my hands up to defend myself & he said what are you doing like Simon says! Tricking me into putting my hands down then beating me profusely.  I lay on the floor worried to death about my health, I thought if I laid there they might go away, so I lay on the floor with my hands covering my head! Next thing I know they line my head up, like a penalty spot to kick a football! The damage was immense, it hurt more than words could ever explain! Then my friend said something “wow wow” Made no difference, they did it again! I’m not sure who kicked me because I couldn’t see. These people were the worst bully/yobbo/gypsy/scum you will ever find on planet earth. I had a lumps on my head for weeks.






   When I stood up after the kicks I held my head it hurt so much and slouched, I was three quarters dead at this stage and I wanted to go home! Littleman said “Your not going to tell anyone about this are you” I said “I don’t even know you” Littleman said “ I’ll kill ya” I was so scared for my life, I walked over to my moped and Anthony jumped off it & stamped his foot at me! I ran like I’ve never ran before, the best sprint I’ve ever had to do. I ran around the lake waiting for them to follow me. I was going to run to the nearest house to ask for help when, my friend shouted “They’re gone” Matthew got my helmet out of the lake with a stick and gave it to me, I put it on even though it was drenched! I forgot my glove so my friend went back for it! I left the park a different way because I thought they would close line me off my bike, if I went the same way they did! When I was on the road home I looked at the time it was nearly 9 o’clock in the morning and it takes me 15 minutes to get home! I kissed the ground when I did! They attempted to kill me any way possible all night! The heart attack was one of the ways they tried to murder me! Spent 7 hours with those people fighting for my life the whole time. They were the most indecent cowardly no respect for human life people I have ever met. It’s very sad what happened that night. Even at my prom I still had two black eyes. The year was 2005 the start of June. Also after a couple of months I fell out with 1 of my friends & they told them where I live, I was asleep at Christmas time at my dads house it was about 4 o’clock in the morning when I heard a tapping at the window, I was so tired, but I woke myself up (I had to) To see the blonde bald person at my window with a tool that looked like a crow bar obviously trying to break in! I got out of bed & raised my fist at him he backed away from the window! I went straight back to sleep! He was gone for now, It ruined my whole persona on life at my homes, also I was getting phone calls with people saying they were going to cut me up, someone killed my cat as well! I had to worry constantly now… The torment & torture continued!



   I was also informed by a close friend who lives in Malvern that Chris Willis lives in a crack house, & makes heroin at his home  in Malvern link near Matalan! Littleman is a hobo but also lives in Malvern, a place called the royal estate! I’m physically & mentally even physiologically damaged! I was very, very, very ill for 3-4 days after the event in bed! I was too scared to go to hospital in case they were there! Which continued. I was too scared to even leave the house for years & years! I hear their voices & have nightmares about them everyday! I worry about them being outside my house all night, I can't sleep! They had totally disabled me. I stopped socialising all together. I received psychiatric help ever since, I’ve had physiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, CPN's, NLP, councillors, counselling e.t.c e.t.c I have even been put in mental hospital for over 8 months of my life! I've been on at least 15 types of anti-phycotic medicines all day everyday 24/7 for the last 10 years! They said that the incident helped trigger & contributed to my post traumatic stress! I was NEVER, the same Elliot after that night, what happened was so wrong! I was an innocent little boy a child! Never touched a drug since, for obvious reasons & I was so worried about my health! I played the whole night like an angel so I could go to the police! But after they threatened to kill me, I was so scared for my well being, I didn’t!  It’s like the James Bulger story! This is only the basics to the complete nightmare, but it is all true & feel free to ask me any questions! It couldn’t really be much worse! That’s the worst thing in prison adults beating up children. I want my piece of mind back! Justice must be served… They were child killers.



Elliot Michael Holland-Hanbury


Just to explain, this was a very long time ago! I've made so much progress on my journey to recovery. I'm doing really very well now. I've sorted myself out leaps & bounds ;) I only go to the Doctor once every 6 months & my next stage in my referral is back to the GP as normal! I'm virtually symptom free. I'm getting on with life & living it to the full :) THANK-YOU everyone for all the support & help, it means the world to me. Once again Thank-You.



After A couple of hysterical recovery years. My HEALTH was helped by FUCKING (LIKE EVERYTHING) ALL THE HOTTEST PORNSTARS. NO PROBLEMS. I chose with my Royal Majesty & ENJOYED. Early REWARD!!! MADE ME FEEL A HELL OF A LOT BETTER! THANKS!!! When I returned HOME to My PALACE in WORCESTERSHIRE! Britney Spears LIKED KING ELLIOT M. HOLLAND-HANBURY SOOO MUCH… Brit wanted to move into A separate part of my PALACE / MANSION. I frequently had SEX with BRITNEY (Remember SPEARS had wrote many songs / MAG paragraphs. MEDIA / TV / SOCIAL NETWORKING FOR E!!! But HARRY SPENCER, was involved. ALL the Celebrities STARTED visiting MY CRIB. Fights broke out. You know Girls & Boys. Obviously.! Some of the SEX was winding Everyone up. Like I shagged KATE WINSLET From TITANIC, But Ended up Punching LEONARDO DICAPRIO in the face A bit too HARD!!! & GEORGE CLOONEY. Right / LEFT BAM! I was having INTIMATE RAW FUCKING with ALL the Top A+++ LIST GIRLS. But BRITNEY brought ALL the STAR BOYS with Her. Shagging them anyway!!! TUT. This went on for several years. AT KNIGHT, MAINLY. Harry was also having SEX with the star girls. There’s NO TRIO of KING ELLIOT / Britney & Harry. Starting to make SENSE!? XXX I WON A lot of Proper FIGHTS. With ALL SORTS of people. BRIT comes with ALL that FAME. But NOTHING LIKE MY CROWN. I slept with Sandra Bullock from SPEED The HOLLYWOOD FILM. But I didn’t get on too bad with Keanu Reaves. He still took A FUCKING PUNCH to the face. HAHA! All in good spirit 😉 My Fathers PALACE iN BRUM / TOP!!! Had all sorts of girls visiting. Nice & NASTY! I had A lot of PLEASURE. But BRITNEY was taking the piss A bit. GYPSY! I fought Sylvester Stallone & WON. In bed with His WIFEY! MX STAR ANTONIO. Phyco in my bedroom. Beat me A bit. Butter bean got beaten up (A famous Boxer) KNOCK OUT!!! I stayed away from the Jackass people. I took Arnold Schwarzenegger NICELY. FRANK BRUNO took A beating from E!!! Mike Tyson LOST. Loads of famous STARS . With lots of girl TROUBLE! Chandler BING was aggressive. I can’t get ON with Everyone.


The Thomas HEWITT family were involved. BAD people, but I got on very very very well at the START. They like my magical POWERS. OBAMI was President at the time. I ended up fighting with BRITNEY SPEARS A LOT. SUPER FUN SEX then A MASSIVE attack each other brutally. She is A very HARD lady. harry lapt it ALL UP! I’ve had thousands of SUPERSTARS in my bedroom. WWE let me FUCK all the coolest girls. THANKYOU. I struggled with A couple of SECRET AGENTS that kept me good / STRAIGHT! They HELPED me cope after such A TRAGIC time in The PARK! EVEN got SATISFACTION / FULL REVENGE. HAAA! I eventually I told BRITNEY to LEAVE!!! After A while She did. I had SEX with A girl I really liked for several times A week. For A YEAR. Super PLEASURE. Took A step back..! Then KATYA SAMBUCA came along. Once again harry was involved ruining everything, & KAT knew how to wind E! up with boys in my room. Most of them are DEAD from OLD AGE. VERY DISRESPECTFUL. I had to SAVE The Whole World (AMERICA) While ALL This Was Going ON. (911) SPECIAL HAHAHA! I did have some great times with KATYA but she’s from A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY. I AM very Privileged & lucky, To Be ALIVE!!! I AM A MAIN STAR! THANK-GOD. I also had time in The UNITED STATES Of AMERICA! INBETWEEN A LOT! Britney & SEXUAL girls. Some NORMAL. FUN!!! I learnt so much combat skills. Ability. World Class techniques. Fighting styles & WEAPONS. I used ALL OF this for the good. RIGHT!!! I’m also SUPER in BED LOL!!! The TEXAS MAN was The WORST (IN THE WORLD) A year straight fighting. Very Very VERY HARD FAMILY. MEN & WOMAN. XXX KNIGHTMARE! The C.I.A HELPED KING E. Move ON A Lot. Valuable lesson. BITCH BE GOOD. I AM BETTER! POTION! UNDERSTAND!!! Attractive GOLD. I really did sort my life out. I love my ROYAL “BETTER” FAMILY. VERY VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!! HEALTH is most IMPORTANT. MONEY TRILLIONS EASY. I WON. Best In the Whole WORLD! Just like my incredible SEX LIFE! I AM IMPORTANT. I had A lot of HELP from the RIGHT / CORRECT people. Top CLASS. AGENCY!!! I’m living MY AMERICAN DREAM. Paris HILTON is NOTHING / SHIT!!! I’ve overcome sooo many obstacles. I’m Super Cool!!! Still IN  my Early AGE / YOUTH. IMPROVED EVERYTHING. ON top of the world. RULING IT GREATER THAN The best PARADISE EVER. Trump was BETTER with KAT. But DISABLED girls in my room because of JEALOUSY & LIES. EVERYONES ABSOLOUTLEY NOTHING / MONEY / POWER/ WISE! WHO’S WHO!!! HAHAHA. My QUEEN AUNT SALLY & I FELL OUT with HARRY. Now There’s A NEW PRESIDENT. My US MAJESTY. BEYOND Y’ALL! KING ELLIOT MICHAEL HOLLAND-HANBURY. The GREATEST AMERICAN. XXX