True Story

I was kidnapped & held hostage by cheating CRAZY BULLIES. TORTURED as A young child by PEODOPHILES ADULTS, By MONSTERS! Attempted MURDER. Horrible / Disturbing. ALL Knight. HEROIN ADDICTS! The Worst People EVER! Serial Killers.  Attacked me 1500+ times. Lucky To Be ALIVE. Type of scumbags who throw bricks at the paramedics & Fire Department. UNFAIR!!! The END TREASON

They're BAD


Just to explain, this was a very long time ago! I've made so much progress on my journey to recovery. I'm doing really very well now. I've sorted myself out leaps & bounds ;) I only go to the Doctor once every 6 months & my next stage in my referral is back to the GP as normal! I'm virtually symptom free. I'm getting on with life & living it to the full :) THANK-YOU everyone for all the support & help, it means the world to me. Once again Thank-You.

The Science & 

Mathematics University

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