Girls I've had intimate SEX with RAW!

Men, don't hate or be jealous & Ladies, join them! (This is only a few of the girls I've slept with. Multiplied, more than 10+ Times whats below) I have dreams. I've shagged all these girls more than once! Some many sessions or more, each :) Remember my family saved millions upon millions of countless lives in the pharmacuetical world. I helped find Bin Laden which saved your life, if your reading this!! PHYQUE I'm also A world renound King with inconceivable credentials & connections. I've done A lot of good things. My severe tragedy, very young. Whomever you are, you must bow to me! I also have more money than Einstein could count, E.T.C! Once again, am I somebody ;) My reward for all this is... I can do whatever I want!!! I DO WHAT'S RIGHT.

Katya Sambuca

This is Katya Sambuca. The NEWEST QUEEN Bimbo Blonde Barbie in town!


My SUPER Fuck Slut





Energy Girls

Racers Wifes

Ricky Carmichael
Mike Alessi
Ryan Dungey
Chad Reed
Ryan Villopoto
Kimi Räikkönen
Janice Combs
David Vullimen
WoW Wife! X
James Stewarts Mom! X A Right Laugh. XX
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Dolly Bimbos

I'm Royalty myself. So mixing with these people is normal. This is mostly the British Royal family. I've known all the best King's & Queens, Princes & Princesses all over the world. Many of their identities I keep to myself & must be kept sacredly secret. You must Understand. 

My favourite Princesses in the world!

Many Ladies have been close to this position!!! All these girls mean so much to me, but there are few & far between the most special girls, I've ever been with. Britney obviously for everything she's ever done with & for me. Also The Queen. Spending years with these girls makes my life! I'll love them dearly forever & ever! I've spent a lot of time with these two in the bedroom, I've done all sorts ;) Hardcore FUCKING them mainly, thousands & thousands of times (lol) In my "Dream World" :) XOXOXO HA! HAA!! HAAA!!!

Britney Spears

Chav Slut 

Let's ALL give a like for King Elliot, Ruler X0X0

Which Queen does the slipper fit...

The Science & 

Mathematics University

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James Stewarts Mom! X A Right Laugh. XX