Jean-Claude Van Damme



Growing up, as a child. Me and my friends loved this movie STAR! The types of movies, the fitness Martial Arts. Pure ACTION. The character.

Steve, was always on my television. American dream super combat action. Mega COP. Bang Bang... Martial CHOP!

Jacki Chan

Jack is fun. Comedy movies. Rental shop... STUNT master MAN. Incredible!

Arnie was a big inspiration to me always. Muscle & definition & of course BodyBuilding LEGEND! The films, GLOCK with serious Fire-Power!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sylvester Stallone

I really like Sylvester Stallone. Like Rambo I II III All The Rocky's. Especially His American movies. PRISON. Train Hard. Win-WINNER! 

Pro King EL

I was born A KING! Understanding & learning from day 1. A young AGE. I was always intelligent, charming & witty ;) Made love & fun. I loved action TOYZ. POWER RANGERS!!! Music themes. Pumped.! Playing army with my machine guns, lasers & knives E.T.C. Climbing. Sleeping outdoors. Play SWAT. My special tactics. Just Super-INCREDIBLE. Advanced physical exercise. Six Pack Forever. Muscle GAIN. SUPER-Fitness. Hanging out with ruff kids, Posh kids & everyone in between :) Family SOLDIER..! Fighting my cousins in Ireland, who were older. Top, Ninja with STYLE! Learning Martial Arts from my DAD & his friends / (Basic Self Defence) Especially Jujitsu. Improving my physical body & mental state. Taking in all the MOVIE action heroes. Shooting REAL FireArms. Scenario / Sitch - Development. Fighting at my schools. plotting & planning combat attacks. I learnt A lot. The worst thing to happen to me young was in the park...! Overcome. Better Person. I waited for revenge, I did it slowly & did it... That Way. CYBORG NINJA. I've broken peoples nose, tripped, made mistakes, learnt & grew. Beginner too impressive to Professional killer. MetalGearSolid was A brilliant Influence, They got something RIGHT! I love the sunshine. Outdoors, EXERCISE! Fresh air, fast vehicles & Princesses. Highly skilled World Class King. Made in Royalty. Priceless! I learnt KARATE from my Black DAN friend. & later on with another. International LEVEL. STUDIED My Karate properly. Takes A lifetime...! To do anything WELL.! Strive with secrecy. I heard loads of awful stories growing up. Ones I didn't like. Also good ones, but mine was The Greatest. TheOne-Wisdom. At 21 I had saved the entire WORLD. Then A thousand times more, It'll NEVER END. SECRET! Fighting, Film stars, porns stars, Fitness gurus. Main STARS. Double Agents. CIA. The worst people in the world &... WINNING. I'm only Mid-Twenty's. SEX is PERFECT LOL ;) WoW. The things I've learnt about Espionage & It's TRUE meaning is beyond EVERYTHING. The Power Money Fame. It's better than Any DREAM. I'm actually cooler than you think. The unknown, what's out there. Zippie!!! You need the best mix of martial arts combined with latest technology MILITARY power at your dispense. Krav Maga & SPECIAL OPS get you through, but KARATE like Bruce LEE is goal WON. It is a sport & the philosophy is A favourite - Gichen Funakoshi. Life finds A way over millions of millions of years. I'm like A DINO. Killer INSTINCT, Raptor SOURCE. King E M H-H  






The Science & 

Mathematics University

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