This STORY / VIDEO is all about KING Elliots Royal Majesty Throne. Worth A listen. X A REAL BILLIONAIRE Empire. Run through His GOLD family. X

My Royal Portrait  EM.H-H

   Once Upon A Time... My very, very World-Famous Great, Great GREAT Grandfather was The 'CROWN' head of the highest Royal Majesty! BETTER (MONARCH) "BLOOD" D.N.A You hear ME! KING, Frederick Janson Hanbury. Had 8 Prince / Princess Siblings. All living on PARADISE ROW. PRODUCED LIFE SAVING DRUGS For ALL Government. Invented the best Inhaler in the world (Ventolin) & the Haliborange pill InJoint with OFFICIAL McDonalds. (Blockbuster DRUGS) - Extreme Popularity Which make 1+ BILLION pounds per year. Now owned by SevenSeas 100+ Billion Pound COMPANY. As well as VASELINE (Another 100+ Billion COMPANY) & SUDOCREM (355+ million people had asthma) Now only 150M. SOLD & makes No.1 COLGATE, SONSODYNE toothpaste also ORAL B & LISTERINE mouthwash products E.T.C All over the world. ALL the designer fragrances & virtually everything in BOOTS & SuperDrug stores. Veterinary medicine. E.T.C GIANT - PHARMA. Wrote 20 books on / about MEDICAL / Medicinal - Nature plants. Owned/chairman of the biggest and richest, most famous world leading Pharmaceutical company for 400+ years, Traveled everywhere in a GOLDEN Coach! (Gouden Koets) Our Royalty Heritage was 1000's of yrs. I'm As GOLDEN AS The EGYPTIAN GODS. Greek GODESSES connections. Society Of Friends. Princes killing Princes. Our HANBURY Name spread. Infinite power wisdom & money for all of time. Very X 10 CLEVER. (Married into my family) The Queen E.II of England is related too ME.! We designed / made all the DRUGS (CRUDE) Patent & Proprietary medicines. Diet, excretion, perspiration & ventilation. SPECIAL DRUGS! Typical Galenical Alkaloids, numerous creams. Infusions & dressings. 40,000+  miscellaneous medications (1 Billion Pounds to develop EACH) 80+ Pastilles (Crystal) Every (Stainless Steel) Surgical instrument (Full SET.Z)  And 'BARTS' Operating tables & the complete theatres & everything in it. E.t.c! Check your inhaler/box, (Respiratory system, Allen and Hanbury) All the DRUG manufacturers today, All lead from our research & experience. Many successful, HOLLAND & BARETT. BILLIONAIRES Because of us. There are 2.6 million pharmacies in the world ALL selling our drugs. Also our 100+ Global Factories worth Billions each (Research purposes) There are 19,217 HOSPITALS on this planet. Each costing around a BILLION (7800 in America alone) Everything used, is ours. That's definitely 20+ TRILLION POUNDS RightNow. He lived ( Has at least 1000+ ) Gazillion buck, (Now priceless) very famous IMPERIAL Palaces E.G London NOW HAAA! / Worcester, BETTER THAN B.H LITERALLY. / Brum Exciting / FUN!!! The CROWN-ITALY. South & MY MEDICAL) N. AMERICA. FLAWDA E.T.C We have all the GOLD Frankincense & Myrre. Our uniquely priceless air looms. memorial pieces & pure TREASURE! Adds to / Creates our MONARCHY in stone. MUSEUM. 

   KING!!! SURGEON GENERAL SIR J. ARTHUR. K.C.B  & M.B & M.D (THE BEST) AT THEATRE!!!! LANDOWNER & BANKER TRADITIONAL BILLION / TRILLIONS ROYAL FAMILY. W/ MARY LLOYD CEO!!!  AGAIN WE STARTED THE BANKS. MONEY TRILLIONS! TOBACCO Broker LONDON. 200B. S. BARCLAYS! LONDON OFFICE NUMBER 1. LOMBARD STREET. ALL EAST PROPERTY. EASTENDERS. HA! EVERYWHERE. ANOTHER 495+ ACRES. CAMBRIDGE. ALL OWNED NORTH / SOUTH LANDS UNITED KINGDOM. BURES PRIMARY SCHOOL. X HA! ALSO ANOTHER RELATIVE M.C DSO. CAPTAIN ROYAL> BUCKING PALACE AWARD. WON / THE WAR. What did kings wear in the middle ages? Well, they wore robes with rings or jewelry. They were usually made with silk & gold leaf! Sometimes had fur on top. Only Queens and Princesses were allowed to wear velvet, satin, or ermine. Our 1st Main PALACE was bought in the 1800's, We then improved it over 100's of years. 25+ Billion Pound Palace. With TRILLIONS EASY! 100+ (4 IN A ROOM) bedrooms. ''The Best'' with 400+ servants special Butlers/Maids/Cooks/Cleaners and 25+ gardeners and guards. We eat full English breakfast at our Knights of the round table (We were real Medieval Heroes. We have our own world MONARCHY! The THRONE. LITERALLY (He was a world authority on orchids) - FLOWERS! PRECIOUS / MOST EXPENSIVE. HARD!!!  Had one of the best observatories in the world! STAR GAZER! They were Recognised / A-credited ASTRONOMERS. It had the most remarkable garden in England, said Country Life magazine! THE BEST PRIVATE GARDEN IN THE WORLD. MANY GREAT MEDIA /MAGAZINES! The 3 MAIN pools were incredible. Our King's Palace photo, was ON SALE for ALL The post cards! 24 carat GOLD wallpaper in every room, with marble. Friends of ALL The POP STARS In the area where they lived. We also started Sir / His Royal Highness THOMAS HANBURY botanical gardens in Italy! I'm PRO LATIN. (The COLLOSEUM I AM JOVE.NOX & UMRIA HAAA!) & I mean rare!?! It's had awards for the top ten best gardens in ITALY twice =) Sculpted statues of our 'GOD' ancestors in their memory. The owner my ancestor AWARDED C.B.E  Most Excellent! PHILANTHROPY. The Gardens / Palace have 50+ GARDENERS & was SOLD in 1970 to The UNIVERSITY for LIKE 500+ MILLION EURO (That's A lot more these days) 250 BILLION PALACE! NO1 GREENHOUSE. GARDENING.  It has over 5800+ species of plant. Nearly as many as The Whole Of N. America. We are ROMAN GODS ;) Made A Museum. Invested in Guano (BAT) The GOLD (International) HANBURY Memorial MEDAL. Benefactor public instruction. Donated to the French & Italian rivieras. That's where the PALACE is situated. We were the Highest Rollers at the Monte Carlo CASINOS. Kings. RED CARPET. Created A monumental fountain in the Town MENTON. 7000 locals carried His coffin at death. RULED EUROPE PROPERLY. OBTAINED AAA. + KCVO  MEDAL /  (KNIGHT CAMMANDER) V. ROYAL.ESTASBLISHED!!! DAME DYNAMITE . UNDERSTAND!!! Even bought Jesus's TOMB - I'm RELATED TO ALL THE GODS. KING HANBURY KCVO E.t.c The KINGS MARBLE ICE PALACE gardens received many visitors. Among these was Queen Victoria, in 1882; others included her son Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught with his wife Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia; his brother Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; his sister Princess Beatrice; Princess Eugenie; King Albert of Saxony and Queen CarolaPrince Ernest of Saxe-Coburg; the then Prince of Naples; and Kuo Sung Tao, the first Qing dynasty minister to be accredited in Europe. Also recently, QUEEN Elisabeth II. We were Knight Of The Order & Cross Of The CROWN. "KNIGHTS" IN SHINING ARMOUR. We owned many ships & distributing facility's, we successfully worked like clockwork ALL around the WORLD..! (Like FedEx) On Time like A Swish ROLEX! Globally Known as Royalty - Way BETTER! X

The global pharmaceutical market is worth 1 TRILLION a year. TODAY! We made 10+ billion per day for YONKERS Of CENTURIES. 100 years ago, that's like A Trillion. We made nearly 100 BILLION Per week. 95% of it! That's several TRILLION Per Calendar month!!! We 'ARE' Number 1. We made TRILLIONS (Easy) Over Three century's / FIVE generations of heritage, within our time. I'm A+++ Celebrity, More money Than "The Fabulous Life" The total value of our company was LIKE A Million-Trillion, while we were the CEO! Richest GODS In The WHOLE WORLD. Number 1. With traditional values & the expenditure of money, equates to over a Sextillion. (A Million Timed By Itself Six Times) 1.000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Literally! That, we spent throughout our lifetimes & are still SPENDING NOW. Invested in our GOD & GODESS / KING & QUEEN (ROYAL) body's! FOREVER & EVER & EVER. This means a lot to US! Glaxo Smith Kline, the people  we sold it to. Make over a billion+ pounds a week. Their business today is worth 100+ Billion & they aren't anywhere near as good as us. Do more, Feel Better & Live Longer! We are & always will be, The BEST COMPANY on the planet! We saved BILLIONS of lives! Humble success was A dream within DREAM'S! Served on a silver dish! Sat on his Gold/Silver (Imperial BLUE BLUSH Blood) THRONE! CROWNED with Platinum, DIAMONDS & TRILLION Karat GOLD! The KING of KING'S that he was! We're the rarest. We still give awards to this day. HANBURY Pharmaceutical AWARDS =) We started The ROYAL Pharmaceutical Society. SCHOLARS . We had a fantastic relationship ALL around the world, Especially THE America. We were the KINGPIN of AMERICAN Doctors from the 1700's in USA. We started The revolution. We received The AMERICAN GOLD MEDAL Of HONOUR! & WAY MORE GOLD MEDALLIONS! HA!!! For STARTING Pharmaceuticals in The Western World. K.A.P Westbury-On-Trym, IN The STATES. WESTERN WORLD. I AM The KING of The US of A. We sold/interacted with every Country in the world, ALL 203 Countries. I'm 'BETTER' Royal Society! HAAA!!! We worked VERY hard!!!! We knew/met had events with all the loyalist Kings/Queens/Princes/Princesses around the world! We are them! I'm ROYALTY! You HAVE to bow to me & address me as your Royal MAJESTY. H.R.H My better blood! 100+ BILLION = COMBONATIONS of THE FINEST DRUGS. MY FAIRY-TALE  BODY! YONDER!!! SUPER - HUMAN. We DID / CAN . Kill everyone! In Our Way!!! (Medieval torture) THE DUNGEON. TOTAL WORLD TREASON. BEYOUND DEAD / I'm A DRAGON. Don't worry though, We spoke up at the World Anti-Slavery Convention. Actually ran & started it. (Helped free Black people!) WAY OVER 225+ YRS AGO. It's the worlds leading HUMANITARIAN platform to date. 

   ALL my ancestors are titled... They were brain, heart and plastic surgeons, SIR / HRH Knight company executives, politicians, 2 X Major-Generals, Colonels (ARMY) EARLS. Professors of English law, TOP Lawyers, 1st barons (Aristocracy) --- (Same as Princess Diana) Floras (Flowers) Of KENT. Centenarians Elizabeth HANBURY (AGE 100+) ;) A Senior Clergy / HOLY Orders - ARCH Bishop of Lincoln. DUKE J.C.Hanbury - (Mary Queen Of Scotts) Ministers, missionaries in Morocco, India & China. Film directors and producers, President of board agriculture, QUAKERS, Gurney Family (Norwich) Earlham. Pharmacologists & physicians - Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Silvanus Bevan - KINGS SCHOOL (One Of The Founders of A & H. Obtained "FREEDOM" Worship Society Of Apothecaries. Elected by Isaac Newton. LEGAL skilled IVORY carvers. Married The ROYAL Clock-Maker! King Willem. III Entrepreneurs, Businessman. CHINA Silk & Tea merchants 'Currency Traders' (Also Cotton brokers) in Shanghai (CHINA DYNASTY) That owned 1500+ of the most expensive & highest number of owned properties in the Country (Rented them all out for mega billions per year) Largest PRIVATE land owners in CHINA. They even had pandas in their rainforests. Set up the first railway line in China, First telegraph sent in His office, Shanghai too Hong Kong! MY OWN TRAINYARD. Learnt Mandarin. Made / Built  2+ HOSPITALS. Two All Boys PRIVATE schools (PAYED EVERYONE) SET UP. Created, In His Royal Highness - Thomas Hanbury's Name. Anglo American Municipal. Lived in THE NEW YORK. FOR A LIFETIME. HAD PRINCE / PRINCESS K & Q CHILDREN. I've been to Every Burroughs 5. TIMES SQUARE . The AMAZING  SPIDER-MAN. Trusted & RESPECTED. Presents-Beyond.  World Leading - Gardeners, Lord Lieutenants, MOP's, chemists highest AWARD - (Herbarium silver medal) ASTRONOMERS, Stars & Stripes. 4 of them were knighted in there time. (E.g Victoria Medal Of Honour) For philanthropy in 1903. They were acquainted for time, with Queen Victoria. Their life was documented in "The Times" Princess Elizabeth Hanbury worked with the Lady on the English £5 NOTE. KING EMHH is ON The American NOTES & POUND. Global Currency. My great grandparent was the youngest matron (Nurse) in England! COUNTESS Lady Dames OBE (Order Of The British Empire) Prison WORK. Director of WAAF & Chairman of Lloyds Bank. Earns 1+ million pounds per week, for may many years. THAT's LIKE 150M PER WEEK TODAY. ANYWAY.  The Noble Monarchs didn't do anything/leisure! My Family, Elizabeth Barclay. Also STARTED & RUNS BARCLAYS BANK 1+ TRILLION. WE ACTUALLY STARTED THE WHOLE WORLD BANKING SYSTEM. BECAUSE WE ARE LOADED! REMEMBER THAT. All Royalty :) My Great Uncle was A man of leisure. My PRINCE Uncle was a very famous ROCKET SCIENTIST (Ballistic Missiles) & electrical engineer for The NAVY. Had 10 personal BUTLERS just for Himself. Very, very, very, very VERY clever. PETA knew what was going on (Warfare) He liked EXPLOSIVES, & was very clever at making bombs. THINGS / LAWS WERE A  BIT DIFFERENT THEN. Also invented other products! (Grammar) He was AMAZING with Fireworks! Super-Pyrotechnician. That's the sort of thing that makes us BETTER ;) He went to Buckingham Palace with his KING father for a Medal British Empire (MEDAL BRITISH EMPIRE) GOLD MEDAL (A NEW SECRET INVENTION that created 50 Million pounds per year. Per one. Billions around the world) Personally from Queen Elizabeth II. Made A MILLION+ Pounds with His space class INVENT. Went to Hong Kong & CHINA. Loved America! Partied / Gambled in VIVA Las Vegas! Also Prince NICK & GOD / DAN. (Britney Residency) Hit the "High Roller" CASINOS HA! WINNER!!! QUEEN WIFE. SPECIAL Q. SANDRA.  THE SUPER PRINCESS. THE BOYS. FAIRYTALE! XXX My KING CORNELIUS II (Grandad) (QUEEN RESPECTED WIFE) was another ROCKET SCIENTIST / Aeronautical Engineer / pilot, WON the war! Flew dozens of planes but especially The SuperMarine - SPITFIRES. FLIGHT LIEUTENANT (Flt Lt) Finnish Air Force. In The Royal Navy. The Battle Of Britain. With FAME (Kate Middleton, went to the same school as my Grandfather, MARLBOROUGH) Fired Rocket motors, also had a private income from Pharmaceutical DRUGS. Had 100+ Personal Servants at His side in The King's PALACE, Corrie owned an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN & was A great shot with A PISTOL. When He was young. A Hurricane flew over, at his funeral. Thank-You. They raced championship winning GoKarts & loved SCUDERIA FERRARI  F1. (ROYAL) - (Grandad's Cousin was a High COURT. TOP Solicitor, He managed the family's finances & owns a yacht) Very Nice PERSON ;) King Cornelius & Prince Peter both worked for another Queen. They were personal billionaires+ From family worth Quintillions..! + Payed in Royalties. They both signed the Official Secrets Act.


   He went to school with A lot of people famous people on T.V! He also owned a $350,000+ Porsche! Had nearly 10 very famous & valuable Porsche tractors as well! Worth MULTI  Millions. Went to the Porsche factory in STUTTGART Germany, for the tour. Corrie WON DOZENS & DOZENS of grass track races. CHAMPIONS. He also WON Red Marley Motorbike (Hill Climb) twice (It was on the RADIO) He owned over 50 Brand New motorbikes. Had A Showroom. I've spectated that historical race recently ;) They put him on the T.V a couple of years ago for being the multiple WINNER! One of His most treasured motorbikes was put in the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham (The SUNBEAM) His Dad was a TRUE Gentleman Very Exquisite LifeStyle. Didn't Work. My QUEEN Granny went to GRAMMAR / CONVENT.  School & The greatest finishing school in Switzerland, This "is" Better.! ;) Multi-Millionaire family that became billionaires+ She used to teach us ballet principles! Our etiquette is untouchable. We wrote the book ;) She was a beautician in Bond street, MAYFAIR, London. (When & where The QUEEN was born) Carnaby Street in the 60's (You can imagine the socialising events, posh formal cocktail parties in the day, also champagne and cigarette parties in the evening e.t.c) ROYALTY. FUN . SUPER GREGARIOUS. KIND / SOCIAL. She was very popular! The peasants/commoners were always sectioned off wherever she went! Had, Executive limousine travel, PERSONAL Butlers Servants & Maids! The red carpet was always rolled out, my White Tie family, because she was a real somebody! LIKE Marilyn Monroe. Always wore the most expensive shiniest & rarest pearls. She gave me a $250,000 Diamond ring! We also have the specially designed family crest ring, (A LION) WAX STAMP. Several! Our family's LEGACY. She received a WestBury Garden  recognition award! For her help in the LandArmy during WWII Better. LATER in LIFE. THEY HAD 3+ HOUSES. PALACEY. SWIMMING POOL. 5+ MILLION STAR HOME! LAKES. PONDS. IN BEAUDLY. KING & QUEEN AT THE GEORGE INN.


   Her brother was a rubber plantation manager in Africa, (SOMEHOW A LOT OF GOOD DEFINETLEY. MEGA- MILLIONAIRE. We've A pet monkey, from Sumatra! He wears dungarees and smokes cigars, (Very naughty) He can even drive a JEEP x4 on his own! His Name's Bongo! A 'REAL LIFE' CHIMPANZEE! Our favourite Mandrill Monkey, just the coolest thing ever! Her grandparents were Pharmacists, Her parents are world leaders in Pharmaceutical chemicals and chemistry in their own right. Her Majesty Father was THE CEO. They were chauffeured everywhere in BRAND NEW Maybachs & The workers in Mercedes-Benzes! Our Hanbury name has been used for Landmarks, Streets, Cities, Villages, Clubs, Pubs, (7 STAR) Hotels, Halls, Shops, GARDENS, Towns and PRO GOLF courses! We're world renowned! My newer generation family had the most exquisite car museum in the world, Bentleys, Rolls Royce and Aston Martins E.T.C Because of their English Heritage. Mercedes-Benz GULLWING SL350 2.3 MILLION Pound car. My personnel favourite was for their collection of exotic FERRARI'S !!! E.G DINO Really something to marvel over. My COUNT / PRINCE Uncle DOCTOR MD (Showed Me How To Clean Myself For THEATRE) and PRINCESS Aunts are croquet champions, Several Doctors UNI DEGREES. That trained at (TheBEST) TRINITY N.IRE and many nurses Millionaires, in their own right (Very useful having A medical FAMILY) (E.g Flying Doctor service Africa & trained with her Princess Sister in LAW at ST. Bartholomew's & ST. Thomas's in London. They were the best most strictest  HOSPITALS in the world) Lived in Her favourite place on EARTH, Paris FRANCE! NY. Original - DISNEY 80's AmericanDREAM. NEVADA. HOLLYWOOD UNIVERSAL STUDIOS & L.A DISNEY. MAMI LOL. Columbia many A TIME! E.T.C NZ. She also has a FULLY QUALIFIED, Masters in Art! (TWO/2 3 DEGREES) 15+ AWARDS & Hand Written COMPLIMENTS. Has personal Elite Queen BUTLER Services right now. Radiographers. We've ALL been to Buckingham Palace several times! I've even met Princess Dianna & The QUEEN E. Done important radio interviews. They had to look after another Superior Foreign Prince one time, but that's secret! Musicians, Violin x2 (My Sister & great grandmother) x 3 saxophone (My Uncle played & was payed professionally for many years) x 2, clarinet, (Ukulele & Mandolin) Acoustic/Electric/Bass GUITAR x 3, keyboard x 2 & Flute & XYLOPHONE (Grandfather) The Trumpet (Cousin) Drums (My Cousin has one of the best DW kits in The World & Father) x 2, and my Aunts on Accordion & piano! HARMONICA E.T.C All grade 8 reading MUSIC! Singers. PLUS My musical TALENT. 45+ SMASH HIT NUMBER 1's SUE MOST. Worked for the highest Ordinance Survey (Top MANAGER) In Wales (MAPS)! Went to PRIVATE School. As well as living in South Africa. Specialists in Forensics, Some play GOLF in Beverly Hills, one got a hole in 1 and WINS regularly by High Margins in difficult weather. The other is captain of the woman's club! There Children also PLAY Club + Ball SPORT. Also handcrafts very SPECIAL Exquisite SAILING boats, Bonne & Lucy They're very special WATERCRAFT. Lives by the English SeaSide ;-) WON "Best Construction" AWARD at The Beale Park Boat SHOW! Competitions and writes regular articles for the best Boating / Yachting magazines! JUST BUILT A DRY BOAT BRAND NEW AGAIN NOW. SUPER WOOOW!!!! YELLOW! He had A very very very SPECIAL ACOUSTIC / SPANISH Guitar HandMade for Himself. PLAYED CLASSICAL / FOLK E.T.C 50+ YRS POSH E.S.T MILLENIUM PARTY ACE! Q. PRINCESS. VERY COOL. NICE! Millionaire-Receptionists, ATE WELL. Estate 'Agents' & dealt in the most exquisite posh PALACE Antique furniture. BIG SPENDER E.t.c


   My "REAL" ROYAL / BlueBlood Cousins are The best accountants in the world. GRAND DUKE CHARLIE HANBURY ( DEGREE! His Father was Superior KING ) LINKED IN . CHARLES / DAN H. (AMERICA) Who handle Billions & Billions. That worked for Siemens & ATOS. Qualified - QUALITY Financial ARCHITECT, He accountants Twelve / 12 BILLION+ A year. MEGA MONEY. Very SPECIAL E.T.C (He did a sky dive in Australia) We ALL LOVE The Italian FLAG. LOL. Famous Multi-Millionaire stockbroker PRINCES playing hard with MEGA-billions, 50+ LIKE 100B TRILLIONAIRE EASY. HISTORY. PHARMA DRUGS / THIS! Private. Director in America. Los Angeles CALIFORNIA! WEST END ALL THE THEATRES HAAA! OXFORD STREET SHOPPING . ZIB! Owns his own FIRM. (DEGREE) 100's of Stockbrokers Work For Him =) Spending all His time in Piccadilly Circus ;) Owns A 2+ Million pound house with heated swimming pool, next to our family HISTORY Main "Palace" in Sussex. Made 80+ MILLION pounds last year.  The Duke & Duchess ;-) He's FAMOUS! All over the internet. R & M (6 Top AWARDS) - On Photos PAGE! Appears ON T.V most knights. "Explain" GOLD Millionaire Groundsmen, At UNI. PORTUGUESE DEGREE - Princess - English teachers in South America, mainly Columbia but sometimes Brazil! (DEGREE) EUROPEAN ARTS x 2. BRISTOL UNI. Charity work in New Zealand - Butterflies. NEW REALITY PRINCESS. Coeliac CHEFS! IMPORTANT!!! Married (Planning Officers, as well as PRO DEGREE Physiotherapists)  ALL my Cousins were tutored in POSH School. 5 kids at PRIVATE School & Nursery! Some of there partners (Mega-millionairess) Work high up in Coca-Cola! EMPRESS. Happily RETIRED / PRINCESS. My Fathers (Royal) Cousin worked as a PROFESSIONAL camera man for the BBC for over 20 YRS! E.t.c Thats my Dads side!! They live in the best of London & FAR BEYOND! Everyone in my family has a Degree or two, maybe even three! HA! My Princess sister (Convent & King's schools) All A+ in GCSE & A LEVELS. BA (Hons) Fashion design DEGREE! Self-Made Trillionairess +. A Super-Crown-Princess & world famous Fashion / Designer. Artistic. CEO FAYENIQUE My Monarch Sister has been clubbing 1000+ times ;) Really knows how to party. Always had A boyfriend. Very active & outgoing. YOGA teacher. A very popular networker. HEALTH. DISNEY-ORLANDO-MAGIC! Priceless. MY Q. ROYAL CROWN SISTER. BETTER!!! HA. My Super Duper Model "SUPERIOR" GRANDE DUCHESS MOM is The Supreme-Empress / QUEEN of this worlds empire, Pro - DISCO / SPEED Roller / SKATER and ADVANCED Scuba Diver, also a Michelin STAR CHEF! Pro ( Under / Over ) CLAY pigeon shooter. INCREDIBLE - BUSINESS WOMAN. Born with a PRIVATE silver spoon in her mouth! In the same hospital as Prince George & Princess Charlotte! She was adopted. Had all Her own Fairy-Tale Pony's as a child & NOW! Went to "The Best" boarding school, private school & finishing school! (University) PHYCOLOGY / Two DEGREES (Masters) She loves the spiritual realm. Leisure. Had head housekeepers. Her side are into 5 STAR HOTELS - MEGA MILLIONS. 10+ LIKE 50M ROYAL PALACE (HUGE) SUPER MEGA MANSION Built 100% From scratch! (Stocks & Shares) Our Broker Handles that. Chairman of the board with dairy in IRELAND (AMERICA ALONE Around 145+ BILLION PER YR. & ALL AROUND THE WORLD. TRILLIONS EASY!!!! #1 (CEO Of SEVERAL. MEGA (The BEST) MEGA - DONALDS NOTHING! Billionaire. DISSIN TWITTER. TRILLIONAIRE COMPANIES - World Class) SPECIAL - Contracts Trillions. 100+ TRILLION PER \ MIN INTEREST Minimum. AHH HAHA MY Q. MOM BIZZ. SECRET. DONE!   (GOVERNMENTAL) Quintillions. LIKE DRUGS! IMPORTANT BILLION POUND Business DEALS EveryDay. 1000+ DAYS UNDERSTAND (Especially in America) WORLD CRUISES! BAHAMMAS . BUDAPEST. Etcetera. CORRIE & DAN CARRIBBEAN & ME KING ELLIOT M. HH! OK!!! 15M Mega deal in one day, BILLION Dollar deals. NEWSPAPER!!! Set up barriers, For SAFETY on His BEACHES. Marsh Land that got laughed at, now worth Mega-Millions. World changing lead farming ;) Milking cows £450K Per Month for 80+ Yrs That's 400+ MILLLION POUNDS. SetForLife LOTTO HA!!! Ireland farmer of the YR Twice. Got rid of OFFAL - BSE. NUMBER 1. CEO OF GALAXY CO-OP 50+ TRILLION PER YEAR!!! (SUPER HAAA) CHAIRMAN OF DAIRY (WORLD) TRILLIONS+ !!! MEGA Investment . READ A BOOK.  / Open Opportunity - Land SUPER BIG MONEY! / Property Example 10+ MILLION MANSION. ELLIOT!  / Forests - Million X Million X Million X Million X Million X Millions E.t.c Thats MILLIONS OF TRILLIONS OF POUNDS+ Y'ALL = JEALOUS / NOW, Super - Politics and SECRET (United - States) I'm OFFERED "SECRET" KANSAS USA DREAM. START. PLAINSVILLE. RUN \ CENTRAL AMERICA!!! XXX Oil Investment FACTORIES, SOLD! IMPRESSIVE. Old fashioned  AMERICAN Vintage / GANGSTA MotorCars. JAPANESE .  Really Good Friends! Lol "Money" World famous! Charity (1 million donated/Donkey sanctuary) Very futuristic! Total VISIONARY. An Environmentalist, National Honour Degree's, landmarks (Brought up the Anchor Of A Famous SHIP that sank) - Plated with Michaels Name outside A QUALITY Pub. GUINESS MAN. And many Statues, Plaques. So many Awards & Ceremonies for The QUEEN-TRISHS, TRUE LOVE. The most beautiful GOLDEN PARENTS!!!! Wonderful, Kind HEARTED & Generous. Beyond - Admired. Respected by ME! E.T.C  CANCER! SIR!!! 10+ NEW WAYS To HELP CURE 75% WORST KILLER DISEASE! STAR MAN. SUPER COUNTEZZ LADY! THEY DIMES!!!!! GRAND KING & GRAND QUEEN. I will ALWAYS LOVE & Cherish / Appreciate them... Everything you could possibly ever imagine & FAR GREATER..! There was a crowd / cue of people for two miles at His funeral!? NO ONE messed with my GRANDAD!!! cian was A MISTAKE - My Moms immediate X FAMILY Adopted BASDARDS, Tried to STEAL ALL our MONEY! They have The WORST D.N.A Disease 100% Disabled / Permanent Wheelchairs all around. CUNTS. Cut off Uncle noels faggot head. They're NOT GOLD / ROYAL. SHIT (leper) BLOOD!!! Horrific MONSTERS - PEASANTS! IRA. They lost everything. HAAA! TWATS. Many secrets as well E.T.C We've won our NATIONAL lottery 100 times! & The EUROMILLIONS! Maximum (Bonus) But we're prestige anyway. KING - MICHAEL H's beautiful Wife QUEEN - Mary H. did the ACCOUNTS! They even had their own Fruit, Vegetable & HERB GARDEN. E.T.C You Name It. They're very private people! Owned A Double Barrel SHOTGUN (CROWS) My (FairyTale LifeStyle) Moms ROYAL ''Blood'' Daddy is a whole different story! Has BLONDE HEIR with BLUE Blood Eyes, He owns Warburtons the bakery, Makes 1/2 BILLION+ Pounds a year. Multi-Billionaire. Another relative plays professional soccer for The NATIONAL team IRELAND, He's only 12 yrs old :) I'm not aloud to say anything about my MOMs History, It's PRIVATE ;) & BETTER..! Imagine Mom & Her accountants and barristers. Best in the world. More impressive than the Trillions on my Dad's side, Mom's in love with gardening like all the Princesses & Queens in our Family. Inherited HEAVAN! Right NOW!!! Which is the highest number in the world. It goes Million = 1.000,000  Billion = 1.000,000,000  Trillion = 1.000,000,000,000 Then Quadrillion = (Our INTEREST Per Year) We have a QUINTILLION worth of money, which is 1.000,000,000,000,000,000 ZEROES until you get tired, Are You Listening? lol! INFINITY That's why, I'm The Numero UNO KING. I'm heir, HA! CENTILLIONAIRE!!! RIGHT NOW! We've payed to be taken off the worlds richest list… Privacy! I'm set up for life ;-) We RUN Southern IRELAND. I'm from an immensely wealthy family! I'm eccentric! Like SPEED. We always have loads of parties and social gatherings/events (E.g FABULOUS Red Carpet for formal dinners/boat launches, SUPER Salsa dancing, TEXMEX . OMG MY FOOD!!! HEALTH. The whole FAMILY meet for Christmas dinner (Better than Queens) E.t.c Also people with Siberian WHITE Tigers! All our friends are billionaires/millionaires PRIVATE JET Company owners / CEO Aer Lingus, Playboy centrefolds, 5 STAR INDIAN T.V Chefs (LDN) Professional Mega-Racing Jockeys on TV, with all the TIPS!!! E.t.c That's just the tip of the iceberg! I'm The Mighty.. Trillion + on my AMERICAN EXPRESS, BANK account! MEGA-KING.


   I have to keep some stuff confidential! (Sorry) My Family tree/history is beyond your comprehension! They have like six massive interesting (Royal Family HISTORY. GOLD TREE) Books to explain it! I couldn't possibly tell you everything and I'm not aloud to! I could bore you ALL day with that stuff! I AM KING OF BIRTH. I'm partly Irish, mostly British, Italian-Russian-CHINESE & French. South Americana. GREAT WHITE / Dolphins. CLEVERER Americán E.t.c Multi-Cultural but ALL AMERICAN Blood. For real out of HISTORY!! I'm A Euro-BABE HUNGARY HA! Spectacularly around the world. I'm ACTUALLY 10+ times [Made] BETTER than you, It's my blood, FACT! You're SHIT. I'm a REAL life living mythical Solid Gold GOD! Bow from males & Curtsy bye girls. You must address me by Your Royal (HRH) Highness, for I'm the most MAGICAL Royal - Majesty In The World ;) Magic rainbow COLOUR!!! I'm a Supermodel & Best GOLD PORNSTAR in the whole world! I have blonde DNA and bluest of blue special eyes,! I'm an aesthetic muscular athlete (I have a 6 pack) Professionally training EVERYDAY ;) SEXY Masculinity BULK & CARDIO-Vascular BUFF lol! Super DEFINED! DEFINITION. I was MAINLY mentioned on the front page of the MR OLYMPIA WEBSITE For being The GOLD / KING. Thank You. When I was very young I did DANCE Professionally, aerobics & gymnastics. I successfully raced, pro mountain bikes, Cross-Country & Downhill (Cheddar Gorge) I SCORED (50 Out / Of 50) ON My Cycling Proficiency COURSE. 100% Full MARKS! (The ONLY 1 in my CLASS!) I had A Mini Range Rover as A kid (With A real engine) & 10 Go Karts (lol) I showed interest in roller / STREET blading, BMX & skateboarding! (Playstation Park / Sprite Urban GAMES) I like cricket WON, I'm very good at tennis I was in a CLUB. Beat everyone at High-School, I can really serve & WON Rugby matches. I Enjoy BasketBall, learnt PRO lessons. Young - ALL The LEGENDS & HARLEM HISTORY (LOL) PLAY!!! I RACED A lot of track & field. 1st WON The 400 Meters RELON many times, 1st in DISCUS. 3rd in SHOT-PUT!!! I was the best at ARCHERY at the Kingswood Centre ;) Mainly football the first third of my life, MAN UNITED played centre midfield for a decent SPONSORED team, WON SOLO Competitions. 1st Medals / GOLD Trophies, and often WON our team games. I know a few tricks ;) Maradona flick / Around The WORLD E.T.C I UNDERSTAND NFL! LOL But underneath my true passion was Motocross! AGE 1 when I was INTERESTED. I fell in love with the sport when I was 4 years old! I was instantly hooked! I didn't start riding motorcycles until I was a teenager (So a late starter) Motocross is a way of life, I've competed in many supercross and motocross events! GREAT STARTER. Coventry club, AMCA (My first race ever I lapped people) lol I Normally race BYMX (Fastest club in the West Midlands) I beat BSMA (NATIONAL) Riders. Qualified /Licensed - MYSELF.  Last time I raced Cotswold I got the holeshot and was fighting around in 1st place. You know, WON. I'm undefeated at Grafton Manor! Number 1 at that TRACK. Wilden club, Wildmoore SAND ;) National ACU PRO Supercross, My sponsorship was a DREAM. FOX, Alpinestars, Loretta L. WINNER - PRO - FACTORY parts. (THANK-YOU) I practiced 2-3 times A week & raced at the weekend. I've my own gym to train, I've done at least 50+ races! I always get better. Inside my head - Aware, Relaxed. InTheMOMENT E.T.C I've had much Professional Training. I'm called the Superstar at my local supercross track! I usually smoke everyone there ;) I'm in the top 20% of riders In the world, career! But I've had health issues the last few yrs! I love pro MX/SX many sorts of shows like MXON AroundTheWorld. International events, E.t.c I swim in gasoline ;) I've rode at ALL the best tracks. Donington Park, Faster Than You THINK! Motorpoint ARENA Cardiff & West Midlands APEX!  SUCCESSFUL Secret special testing! Biggest 100+ FT. Jumps, with my eyes shut!!! I know I'm the fastest, all the rest ;) I'm my favourite rider, I've got all the autographs and V.I.P time with The WORLD CLASS! Just Like ME! I turned PRO :) I got A place at MTF ATLANTA. USA! Ride Everyday. MY (DIGGER GOD) DAD TRACKED MY LIFE! I've had KAWASAKI, YAMAHA, HONDA, KTM & SUZUKI DirtBikes. I NOW have a Racing MOTO GP FACTORY Racing YAMAHA 125. Wheelies, Burnouts & Stoppies. NEVER SHUT THE THROTTLE. For the STREET. & KX 125 in America. I recently got A PREMIUM RM250 Two Stroke but decided not to continue. I've been called the best rider in the world by MEDIA. MAGZ. Podium ShoutOuts. I'm comfortably Retired HA! ;) A Especial THANK-YOU To my FATHER KING NIGEL. M. HANBURY! X   RV HELPED ME FOR YEARS. QUEEN DREAM SUPER PRO. BRITNEY BACKING.


   I enjoy electric guitar. I purchased A Brand New TUXEDO - Gold Epiphone Les Paul, really took to lead. Then I continued with A NEW Premium FENDER Stratocaster 50's Classic Rock N' Roll. I get ON well with MARSHALL AMPS. Now I've A GIBSON Deluxe GoldTop. I'm STAR worthy ;) Recently I got hold of my own Randy Rhoads (Jackson) Concorde / Flying V. I love it. I also have A SUNBURST Squire / STRAT. I study very hard with my INSTRUMENT! I LOVE my Diamond, Gold, Silver & Top Secret precious gemstones jewellery collection! Me & my family shop at 5th Avenue, (Macy's New York) Harrods in London, Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills E.T.C! My favourite Elite designer sponsored clothes, e.g Intimate Valentino. NIKE SNEAKERS \\  STAR = FAME  // ( I've MILLIONS Of Pounds WORTH Of Fashionable \ SuperStyle  Clothes. 'TREND' 2021. Paparazzi X  I LOVE my American Express CARDS. I had GOLD for many years, Now I have The TOP AMEX PLATINUM Card, It's terrific!!! VIP LOUNGE in every airport. Top V.I.P Room in ALL the HILTON HOTELS With The real PARIS. HH. Mom & family have the Centurion Black Card invite! I'm amazing at skiing, they put me in the beginner group and wouldn't move me up! In GLOCK Country Austria. I WON 1ST 1ST 1ST 1ST 1ST 1ST ALL 5 GOLD and 1 Silver in PRO. Perfection (Medals) At the slalom first time! My Cousin skis in Switzerland. I've WON Proper BASEBALL MATCHES, HomeRun NEW YORK. I WON an ART - FLOWER. DRAWING competition & met The MAYORESS. I also won a impersonation competition on HEART FM when I was a kid! I may be a proper toff, but I'm very lucky with the ladies! I've had a special time with some super girls. SPENT 25+ Million pounds ON FUN With/ Princesses, supermodels, pornstars, celebrities and fitness. I love fake tits lol!! I consulted Britney's dentist in L.A because I have very very very, SPECIAL TEETH. I've had them plastically fixed cosmetically to a SWAN smile for $250,000+ and I'm ecstatic. I stick to my own! I'm totally in "HOLLYWOOD" Never-mind our historical family Palaces (2000 bottles of the finest, SAY WINE! LOL. InTheCellar!) I live in a 5= million pound  4 storied Georgian mansion at the moment! Has beautiful French shutters on all the windows! Heated marble floors! Everything's brand new inside! Architecturally modified & proper dolled up. NO mortgage! In the poshest area EVER. I make the billion dollar area BETTER, lol! I've my own PERSONAL Super-Butlers, who wait on me hand & foot. I'm GOD. I have many exotic swimming pools with waterfall/fountain jacuzzis & SPA! Sauna, steam room - massage E.T.C I also have famous NAMED 5 star Hotels. MANY A TIME.  (By the Beach) Secrets in Ireland. We own our BEACHES & Golf courses and Country clubs! Enchanted "SECRET" gardens & Palazzo Palaces. Worth mega-millions, Favourite; Nation Treasure. 7 ******* All around the world I can live in. All my properties are Palace Residents & are owned! LOVE parties, Especially HALLOWEEN! When I was young I went to Star Stage school of ballet dancing! With all the HOT blonde girls (lol) I also did "TAP" dancing Very SUCCESSFULLY for a very long time With My PRINCESS, Traditional, Irish Dancing! Performing Arts At COLLEGE (T.V PRODUCTION) Dedicated break dancing for many many Yrs, I Excelled in "SPECTACULAR" Tournament Fencing - Championship SwordFighting ;) and I'm EASILY A PRO at Drama/Acting E.t.c! I was the best artist in the whole school, I was incredible at poetry & the best reader. Always throughout primary. I had the most Fantastic - Fanatical - Fantasy childhood. I've WON many competitions. Singing & Dancing & Acting, Triple threat was A great one ;) I'm A Hollywood blockbuster FILM ACTER. Thanks to A lot of hard work. AllSorts  I went to PRIVATE School, (King's) Fantastic facilities & a brilliant education, but I ripped the piss! I was told I could be A comedian, I got expelled! ALL JEALOUS. For Every REASON. But had fun doing it. I was A jock! I didn't have to go to senior high until 10 O'clock, I was in set 1 for every subject! I love video games, like Metal Gear Solid & Grand Theft Auto E.T.C! My Family & Friends all went to Oxford (THEY KNOW & WRITE FOR E!) THANKYOU. / Cambridge. GANG! AHH ROYALTY FRIENDS. Harvard YES. RECENTLY (CHARLIE HONOURS) / Princeton UNIVERSITY. FACT. I'm totally the DON now! I've experimented with drugs, young! Which is quite ironic! I can pick/create ANY drug you can possibly imagine from my world class, MAGIC-Laboratories!!! I've made the front cover of world newspapers for many undisclosed reasons! That heavy Colombian shit. I'm clean now for 15 years! (I'm a retired Gangster) MAGIC!?! Totally STRAIGHT / BOW To PURE GOLD!!! DREAM ON ;) 

   I've personally been too England, Scotland, Wales! Ireland, when I was a child 50 times. France (CLEAN) Belgium (MX) Germany (Liked ME?!!) & Austria! Morocco / AFRICA. Italy (Another Pretty HOME / Palace). Spain (WEATHER) - Tenerife, madeira, La Palma, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria & Fuerteventura! MEXICO. I've enjoyed going all around the world too the most exotic locations / Other E.T.C But I love North America. Many a time. I've been too AMERICA TEN plus times, The Big Apple / New York x 5 Virginia (Dangerous State) West Virginia, North Carolina (CARDINALS) South Carolina, Georgia (ATLANTA) Alabama (Sweet Home) Arkansas FRIENDS. Louisiana (Britney was born there) TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 007 (Where The BILLIONAIRES Are) Oklahoma, NEW Mexico, KANSAS - Dorothy. MY FEMINE NAME! Minnesota (Near CANADA) Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky KFC / (Horses) Ohio, Pensylvania DAD TWICE! Tennessee (Loretta Lynns & Whisky) Michigan, Wisconsin (70's FLAIRS HA!) & of course "HOME" Of The SUNSHINE State FLAWDA. MICKEY !!! HAAA! IN ENGLAND. Florida x 10! 25+ STATES in the USA - All The Capitals. I did all this before I was even 18. I love my RUSSIA. I had so much fun with these places. Luxury travelling! The most delicious Food, Expensive Shopping, The coolest 5 STAR Hotels. Los Angeles 3 TIMES + MOVIE "HOLLYWOOD" MUSIC. BEVERLY HILLS. I'm BETTER. Interesting Public people. World Class, Site destinations. Love the sunny weather ;) I've lived beyond all dreams. My family have travelled the entire GLOBE. RAN IT. Business / DRUGS! FAME! HAAA! My clothes come from all over the world. The best of everything. BRAND LABEL. I'm a fully fledged designer Prince. FAYENIQUE

   My Father is the most highest Royalty KING Nigel. The (Butterfly) Multi-Billionaire. LOL Loves expensive helicopters! Actually flown in them YOUNG. ME 3 TIMES ONCE With FATHER. Went to junior/senior private schools! The best Young. He was told he would become a nuclear physicist, He ended up doing A LEVEL LAW for two years. High up. We know all the best Lawyers/Solicitors in the world! He also has a distinction in elocution! Voice Overs. SPEAKS better than the QUEEN. Loves motorbikes. Did Every motorcycle SPORT LITERALLY Except MOTO X & SX. E! Understands them. HAD TEN TIMES THE TOOLS OF HITLER CLAN. BUT NOT ANYMORE UNFORTUNATLY!  He's a professional GRADE 8 Musician / Drummer. LIKES RINGO . MY DAD BETTERNESS. Payed to Play in loads of successful BANDS. JAZZ. Has Servants & Maids in all his property. Lived "IN" GRADE II SUPER MEGA MANSIONS. Also 3+ Million POUND 3 LOUNGE! MEGA GOLD PALACE W/ HELP. PUSSY PINK PALACE! NAZZY ISLAM :) & So much more HAAA! Was given A lot of PHARMACEUTICAL Royalties Very YOUNG!!! CONTINUED / MONEY! No.1 InTheCountry. FLOWER HOUSES! GREEN / PALACE! GOD / MEGA KING. One thing he did was aerial photography! Drove Brand NEW SHINEY Rolls Royces ALL day smoking Cuban cigars. SUIT. BOSS.!!! I go everywhere in limousines with Cristal champagne and Dom Perignon with HIM! My Sisters Ex Boyfriend & my friend all have NEW Aston Martins, Bentleys with my Name on The REG., Bugatti's & Lamborghini GIALLA. (I love The AVENTADOR. HAVE DROVE 1) 100's of thousands of pounds worth of AUDI. A few of my friends / friends have Brand NEW F12 Berlinetta's. I've driven A FEW. (That's A Modern (SICK) V12 Cylinder FERRARI. My Dads friend has two SF 360 Challenge Stradales. (Ferrari) (Dino & 500K DB6) We drive performance! Lots of different models of Brand New cars. Mercedes-Benz SL500 Converible / C Class COMPACT SEDAN AMG Obsidian BLK and TUNED Porsche BOXSTER Show-Cars! JAPANESE Performance cars with Full Audio SYSTEMS! Lots of Non - Atari. BRAND NEW GOLFS! PETA! I've DRIVEN ALL MY FAVOURITE CARS / MONEY! BRITNEY SPEARS bought King Elliot A Bianco-Avus FERRARI CALIFORNIA GT. Thank-You I left my prom at the end of the night, in the latest model PERFECT "Brand New" convertible SCUDERIA FERRARI, TAN leather with Rosso Corsa (RED) lol! Revving the engine flat out, 8500rpm ALL the kids screaming my name paparazzing it, totally surrounded! 100+ kids watching. I stole the Ball, In my white tuxedo with a red rose to match my #FERRARI, James Bond style. It was an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, best in the whole world, just like me! AMAZING Entertainment!!! It was so fast!? People were too jealous, they couldn't cope. No one will EVER forget about me from High-School. I was The Most Popular JOCK. Proved STARDOM. My Father has raced a million bucks worth of Ferrari's! Great at F1 RACING. ( CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING Go Karts As A child with His Prince brothers) The 360 MODENA, A F430 & 458 Italia. Many Ferrari experiences, much love & passion!!! MY FATHER BEAT E V E R Y O N E !!!!!!!!!! SUPER LEAGUE FAST! They've been fantastic to me! WE OWN AN ENZO . F50! NEW PORSCHE 911 TURBO S. I'm involved with PREMIUM T.V, Music. TV!  World Service - Radio, MainStream Media, World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT!!! Glamour / STAR / MUSCLE / HEALTH - Magazines, I Make The HEADLINES - Newspapers . FRONT PAGE (ALL Tabloids) Closer MAG. E.T.C Fashion [ FAYENIQUE]  Super-Modelling SHOWS / 100's of PRO CatWalks, BlockBuster Cinema & Movie Industry, Record Labels / Number 1 'HIT' MUSIC. "World Leading" Video Games - BILLIONS! (Social Media. Internet & T.V)  BRAND -ADVERTS, PRO Super-Cross / Motocross AMA - FIM & TROPICAL PORNO SUPER - HOT - SEX E.t.c! Television Everything. Watch The " ELLIOT " Channel on Satellite & Cable. UK. SPECTRUM TV America! My PR! I Drink Coca-Cola ;) America made me famous, BIG time success. Snowballed from there, I'm a GALAXY leading HOLLYWOOD Mega SUPER-STAR now! THANK-YOU!


   I'm also a C.I.A Distinguished Intelligent cross. The 007 programme. I've studied MARTIAL ARTS My whole life. I LOVE 'KARATE' & Beyond ;) NINJA ETCETRA. GLOCK 19X HA!!! I'm a Super-Elite-Hero that has WON 500 fighting battles against CELEBRITIES & knocked out clean COLD most. Came out on TOP! Freed/saved a girl... Like Madeline. He had to GO!!! Stopped an Ice-Cream MAN from being beheaded. LUCKILY, I've fought Thomas Hewitt from "The TEXAS Chainsaw Massacre" 300 times and WON. Rescued a damsel in distress redhead. Me myself and, I helped an agent escape eternal torture! Made space in a cubicle!? A GIRL stolen / SAVED. STATE MURDERER FOUND. London missing - RESCUED. I FLY The latest combat aircraft F35 lightening II & F22 Raptor.. & other various aircraft. Easy Kill "Prince Willy" TEMPO Two Sawyer girls were going to eat me so I took them out like lightening hitting a tree. I know all about Kim Jong-Uns bomb. DEAD IS A... E! and caught Osama Bin Laden ALL by myself just for fun! NO JOKE 9/11 was A CONSPIRACY ;) America gave me BILLIONS+ Personally My MONEY, but there's plenty more where that came from! The Highest American AWARD - MedalOfHonour ;-) American CITIZENSHIP. I own A REAL FIREARM LEGALLY In The UnitedStates Of AMERICA. Many Missions. I'm a NiNjA & I won the war. Queen Vs Evil! Britney Spears and I Time & time again :) Wrote and performs 20+ of my favourite songs, FOR ME! Several Number 1's. HAAA! She (Britney Spears) Follows me on TWITTER, =) OFFICIAL Justin Beiber ACCOUNTS. COPIED ME. MY TAG!!! Along with Paris JACKSON (YES!) Crystal Hefner & Ashley Massaro. Torrie Wilson E.T.C Paris Hilton on SNAPCHAT! GERMAN Porno STAR - Annina UCATIS. <3  FIGHTER / ALEX Reid. NOOO. Lots of officially Verified accounts E.t.c The STARS & TELEVISION CREDENTIALS do A lot for me. ( My / This ) WEBSITE Received an AWARD :) Can't take me, specialised combat! Me and my Super-Stardom legacy! I'm blessed with The Fantastic FIVE enchanted Royal children, three Princesses & two Princes. All Better (Some American) Heirs with "REAL" NATURAL Snowy WHITE Blonde HEIR (RUSSIAN) (AMERICANS) (ENGLISH) (CHINESE) (INDIAN) (EUROPEAN) ROYALTY. MIXED (BLK) MARTIAL ARTZ! & Sapphire Blue Eyes! One of the girls (Beverly) has green eyes. Age descending; Marilyn (Fitness Babe! Fake TITS) 18, Raphael - Muscular 6 pack (Karate Black RYU Through-DAN) 15, Beverly (Professional Princess Dreamer) 10, & Cindy (Intellectually stimulating Bond-Girl) Secret, ;) None of them live with me. Not forgetting AXEL (SuperHero superstar) 5, ;) Those are the ones I know about!!! 10,000 KID ARMY. REAL ROYALTY! BETTER BOW. FREEDOM. POWER /MONEY! GOOD!!! ALL SORTS! I LOVE KIDS. I'm having the best FUCK ever so to speak! PRINCESS REAL. THE KINGS . Q.

   Dumper truck... Blacklist (Facebook/VK/ LinkedIn) Twitter/Instagram @ElliotFlubber I can do ANYTHING! The FLASH wrath of my reign! "It really was like a dream, better than a dream" That's my FAIRY-TALE, We all lived happily ever after! I am a man of leisure (Private Income) & full of many secrets, this is NOTHING! Am I A SOMEBODY!?!

I'm out of your LEAGUE! Infinity GREEN-JEALOUSNESS! Unfortunately that is "The color of MONEY" Time out sort of thang..! I'm The ONE, Are we somebody HA! SECRET HA! HA!!!! It's NOT Atari at ALL! I can have ANY girl. HouseHold-FAME!! My BETTER half (WIFE) Until the end of EARTH, Would be the most powerful & richest Tiara Princess to Crown QUEEN on planet earth. We win for the rest of time. THANK-YOU  "THE END"

50 Million at 21



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Allen & Hanburys’ Surgical Appliances

Continuing my series of the great hardware catalogues of the East End, it is my pleasure to publish these pages from Allen & Hanburys’ 1938 catalogue of Surgical Instruments & Appliances courtesy of Rupert Blanchard of Styling & Salvage. Founded in 1715 in Plough Court, Lombard St by Silvanus Bevan, Allen & Hanburys moved to Bethnal Green in 1874 where they built a factory to manufacture surgical appliances and operating tables – producing  an unparalleled array of medical equipment, until they were bought by Glaxo in 1958 and closed in the nineteen sixties.